22 Jan 2018

Understanding Win Rates: The Picks that Won MFL10s in 2017


The following looks at the win rates((Win rate is a ratio defined by the number of times a player was on a first place roster divided by the total number of times that player was drafted. This analysis encompasses players drafted in at least 500 MFL10, MFL25, MFL50 or MFL100

27 Dec 2017

The Wrong Read – Episode 17: Rookies are the Key to Zero RB


Welcome to the 17th installment of the “The Wrong Read,” an article series that reflects on recent podcast episodes, pushing the ideas discussed on the podcasts to their logical conclusions and offering some further thoughts on the topics broached by the guests and hosts. By now you probably know whether

draftkings week 17
22 Dec 2017

Best Ball Leaderboard: 87s to the House


With one week left for the Best Ball Leaderboard, we are going to look at trends at the tight end and defensive positions and give them the love they normally don’t receive.

Todd Gurley 3
28 Sep 2017

Best Ball Leaderboard Week 3: Gurley Setting The Bar High


Last week I mentioned in the intro to this article that two weeks was a very small sample size to make much in the way of conclusions. This rang true in Week 3 which had a lot of variance.

RotoViz Time Machine
14 Sep 2017

Best Ball Leaderboard Week 1


Dave Caban and I are partnering on a concept to help understand the true value of players as it relates to achievements in Best Ball using a newer concept of Dave’s called Fantasy Utility and combining it with the Heat Maps that I wrote about this offseason.

Tyler Eifert
01 Sep 2017

Tyler Eifert’s Price Looks Ripe For The Picking


Tyler Eifert is undervalued right now. 

avoid zero RB
01 Sep 2017

What The Hell Did Carlos Hyde Do To You?


Carlos Hyde is one of the best running backs in the NFL, and the disrespect is ridiculous. 

Lamar Miller
30 Aug 2017

It’s A Wrap – The Players I Am Most Exposed To And Why


14 Team Mocker explains why he is overexposed to a basket of players, updated for the end of the MFL10 season.

18 Aug 2017

Matt Wispe’s Perfect Draft


You know the feeling you have after the perfect fantasy draft? The one where your draft slot allowed you to grab a personal favorite in Round 1 and then back it up with your favorite strategic approach? It’s the reason fantasy football is so much fun and the reason drafting

RB Rest of Season Ranks
18 Aug 2017

Isaiah Crowell’s ADP Flies Too Close To The Sun


Chasing the dragon: When players like Isaiah Crowell win championships, they’re usually overvalued the next year.