17 Sep 2018

High Staked: Information Overload


High stakes champion Monty Phan brings you the experience of playing multiple high-level leagues in High Staked.

Bill Belichick, circa 2045
14 Sep 2018

Terminated! My God, What Have We Done?


This column chronicles the ups and downs of the team drafted by me and three friends to compete in the FFPC’s Terminator contest, in which one player from our roster must be eliminated each week. The first installment outlined the tournament rules.

13 Sep 2018

High Staked: Don’t Panic!


Veteran high stakes fantasy football player Monty Phan chronicles his season.

10 Sep 2018

High Staked: Viva Las Vegas!


Around 10 years ago, my wife and I were in Las Vegas for our wedding anniversary, and at some point she suggested that we go to a strip club together. Like any guy, I imagined a number of ways this could go, and my analysis of the situation – my

07 Sep 2018

Terminated! 2: Fantasy Judgment Day


Football is a violent sport. Fantasy football? Not so much. But what if you played fantasy football while pretending to be an unrelenting time-traveling cyborg assassin, ruthlessly eliminating a player from your roster every week while spouting nearly 30-year-old catch phrases like “Hasta la vista, baby” in a really bad

06 Sep 2018

High Staked: Drafting After the Thursday Night Opener


High stakes champion Monty Phan discusses how to approach the Thursday night riddle for those drafting in main events and other contests this weekend. There have been times when I’ve gotten so mad at myself for making a wrong lineup decision that I’ve actually thought: If only I could see

Marquise Goodwin
28 Aug 2018

Who’s Hot and Who’s Not Leading up to the FFPC Main Event


There are sci-fi geeks, and then there are Comic-Con attendees. There are video game fans, and then there are e-sports players. Likewise, there are fantasy football enthusiasts, and then there are FFPC Main Event entrants. The Main Event drafting season, one of the biggest draws in the high-stakes fantasy football

Deshaun Watson
23 Jul 2018

Takeaways from High-Stakes Startup Dynasty ADP


With the start of training camps nearly upon us, and the NFL draft some three months back in the rearview mirror, it’s a good time to look at where some of the notable young guys and big-name free agent signings are going in high-stakes startup dynasty drafts. Fortunately, we’ve got

09 Jul 2018

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love PKs and DEFs in High Stakes Best Ball Leagues


Truly, is there a format better suited to the unmotivated fantasy football hobbyist than a best ball league? All you have to do is draft a team, then let the divine hands of the fantasy gods decide your fate as your optimal lineup is automatically selected for you each week.

28 Jun 2018

Takeaways from High-Stakes FFPC Best Ball ADP


One way to gauge which players some of the more seasoned drafters are targeting or fading is to look at high-stakes leagues being offered by the FFPC, where the 2018 drafting cycle started a mere 10 days after the 2017 NFL season ended.