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Frequently Asked Questions

Having to log-in frequently
This appears to be a browser compatibility issue related to how differing browsers store cookies. We recommend using Chrome.

In any case, no matter what browser you use, your security settings will have to be such that you can store cookies.

iPhone log-in issues

This page may help in solving iPhone login issues.

Logging in from Twitter articles

Some users report having difficulty when clicking from the Twitter app on mobile. We recommend pressing the link and choosing to open it in a browser instead of the Twitter app.

Subscription renewal errors
If you are having issues with renewing your subscription, please contact us at rotovizmain@gmail.com.
Apps not displaying
Be sure that you are logged-in and have cookies enabled for your browser. Also, try viewing the page through a different browser.
Understanding the apps
If you are looking for additional information on how to utilize our apps – visit our YouTube channel to view tutorial videos.
Troubles with posting images on forums
New users have reduced privileges to help reduce possible spam. Contribute to a few threads and more abilities will unlock for your account.
Discount subscription offers
RotoViz occasionally offers discounted subscriptions through various promotions and channels. We cannot guarantee that all offers your find on the web are valid or still eligible.
Unsubscribing from the email newsletter
If you no longer wish to receive our email newsletter, you can click the ’Unsubscribe’ link located at the bottom of all of our emails. Unsubscribe requests are processed within 24 hours, and you will not receive further communications from us unless you subscribe again.
Writing for RotoViz
RotoViz is always looking for smart people to write articles. Any number of individuals could be a good fit for our site. Check out this page for information on joining our team.

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