RV Score is calculated by summing a player’s low, high, and average ranking. It helps the reader to understand how the RotoViz team values a player and how concentrated or widespread his rankings are. Naturally, the lower a player’s score, the higher he is valued by the team. 

Rankings are reviewed and updated on a monthly basis by all rankers. Unranked players are assigned a rank of 49.

Pos Rank
RV Score
11N'Keal HarryWR4112112
22A.J. BrownWR7221324
33D.K. MetcalfWR11433641
44Hakeem ButlerWR15586235
51Josh JacobsRB211049576
62Miles SandersRB238651098
73Darrell HendersonRB247744139
84David MontgomeryRB30115177163
95JJ Arcega-WhitesideWR3339820127
101Noah FantTE3619111216511
116Marquise BrownWR376137171019
125Damien HarrisRB4318171981716
132TJ HockensonTE46161013122115
147Kelvin HarmonWR4623121818810
156Justice HillRB479181126618
168Andy IsabellaWR49201514141414
179Parris CampbellWR49211415152012
181Kyler MurrayQB5513201091530
197Rodney AndersonRB70173222133417
208Trayveon WilliamsRB71142221191835
2110Deebo SamuelWR73291640112413
229Benny SnellRB74122626381923
2310Bryce LoveRB77303320271139
2411Emanuel HallWR77321927283020
253Irv Smith Jr.TE81332116392222
2612Greg DortchWR87272824343229
2711Alex BarnesRB92252525432621
2812Devin SingletaryRB92313823253138
292Dwayne HaskinsQB93223129323936
3013Travis HomerRB101153433494943
3113Miles BoykinWR106362428492834
3214Riley RidleyWR108384346294225
3315Stanley Morgan Jr.WR111494932223649
3414Alexander MattisonRB111263939244949
3516DaMarkus LodgeWR112424945234931
3615Mike Weber Jr.RB112492938424026
374Jace SternbergerTE112463049444324
3817David SillsWR113493637492349
3916Darwin ThompsonRB113244944403349
4018Terry McLaurinWR113492349494927
413Drew LockQB114454931412547
4217Myles GaskinRB114354935352749
4319Nyqwan MurrayWR114494949214949
445Josh OliverTE119434949364928
456Caleb WilsonTE120492749494942
4618Karan HigdonRB121404742314937
4719Ryquell ArmsteadRB122494441492949
4820Elijah HolyfieldRB122394647304649

RotoViz Rookie Rankings Team

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Curtis Patrick

Dave Caban

John Lapinski

Shawn Siegele

T.J. Calkins