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Similarity Scores – The QB Similarity Scores App uses age and production to find seasons similar to the player in question. Then it uses those similar seasons to present a range of outcomes for the upcoming season.

Game-Level Similarity Projections – During the season, get game-specific range-of-outcome projections based on historical games between similar QBs and similar defenses.

Custom Quarterback Projections – Use our custom projection and draft optimizer tool to get quarterback projections specific to your league.

Quarterback Prospects – The QB Prospect Model – RotoDoc uses a statistical feature selection process to build a QB projection model. It provides a likelihood of success, and in testing, misclassified QBs just seven percent of the time. RotoDoc provides success odds for the incoming rookies, as well as 2016 draftees, and the complete data set for all QBs going back to 2007.

Tiered Rankings – Senior Fantasy Analyst Ben Gretch transforms rankings into tiers.

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Blair Andrews

Eric Moody


Matt Wispe

Heith Krueger

Scott Smith

Sean Slavin

John Solis

Charles Kleinheksel

Ben Gretch

Shawn Siegele

Jeff Matson

Hasan Rahim

Anthony Amico

Justin Simon

John Lapinski

Jordan Hoover

Devin McIntyre

Jeremy Marin


Mike Braude

Eric Braun
Aaron Rodgers, GBP111121111311214221111-111
Tom Brady, NEP232214232222131143235-224
Drew Brees, NOS323332323133322312422-332
Russell Wilson, SEA454443445544443434343-445
Matt Ryan, ATL566115957641010561115855717-953
Kirk Cousins, WAS688149116109713587671067811-6107
Andrew Luck, IND7713585135141958141358671254-5717
Cam Newton, CAR849131581481320614757558669-8611
Marcus Mariota, TEN91257197761091176813911109126-789
Ben Roethlisberger, PIT109111061211144119611910141698918-17118
Jameis Winston, TBB1116712186159111471710119111411111615-13913
Andy Dalton, CIN1210126111616151717811151414121213101313-121214
Dak Prescott, DAL131815817151211151515151212151391214108-15146
Matthew Stafford, DET14141419719101286179910-16715131512-101615
Philip Rivers, SDC1511169201391671316131615-10151616147-111512
Eli Manning, NYG16151716161419191610181817168182018191716-161719
Derek Carr, OAK17201018121881712812121317-171314151920-141316
Carson Palmer, ARI181320171020171819211919191912241919171819-182010
Tyrod Taylor, BUF1917191514101813181814162220-61717211110-201918
Carson Wentz, PHI2023182321232221231223202118-202121202221-191821
Sam Bradford, MIN2124222223212120211621222021-21222318----2220
Blake Bortles, JAC221926201317-222022--2424-19-22232014-2324-
Joe Flacco, BAL232123---232322-20211823-2318-22-22-212123
Jay Cutler, MIA24-212122222024-24-2423--27-20-2123-22-22
Andrew Luck gets dinged here due to injury concerns, but it doesn't sound as though he'll be out for long. Tyrod Taylor and Blake Bortles both take a hit due to uncertainty about their roles. Both have top-10 upside, but could easily also not be starters for the entire season.
Quarterbacks 7-18 are pretty interchangeable to me, as they are only separated by around 30 projected points top to bottom. - Jeremy Marin

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