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Similarity Scores – The Similarity Score Apps uses age and production to find seasons similar to the player in question. Then it uses those similar seasons to present a range of outcomes for the upcoming season.

Game-Level Similarity Projections – During the season, get game-specific range-of-outcome projections based on historical games between similar players and similar defenses.

Custom Tight End Projections – Use our custom projection and draft optimizer tool to get projections specific to your league. 

Prospects – Tight End Prospecting – Phil Watkins built a TE success model that is exceptionally good at identifying busts. It’s also useful for finding players that are likely to have NFL success. Watkins analyzes the top 14 TE prospects in this year’s draft and provides odds of success for each.

Tiered Rankings – Senior Fantasy Analyst Ben Gretch transforms rankings into tiers.

PPR Tight End Rankings

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Brian Malone

Shawn Siegele

Scott Smith


John Solis

Mike Braude

Hasan Rahim

Heith Krueger

Matt Wispe

Ben Gretch

Jordan Hoover

Devin McIntyre

Justin Simon

John Lapinski

Charles Kleinheksel

Sean Slavin

Anthony Amico

Jeff Matson

Blair Andrews

Eric Braun

Jeremy Marin
Rob Gronkowski, NEP11111111111111111121111
Travis Kelce, KCC23222422232322222212222
Greg Olsen, CAR35446534423433434443354
Jordan Reed, WAS42334363354244573334463
Jimmy Graham, SEA54653245546655345555585
Tyler Eifert, CIN6659513568697676511668776
Kyle Rudolph, MIN771181077861051098787776647
Zach Ertz, PHI881067612771178810899887938
Delanie Walker, TEN91097118899889761110691012899
Eric Ebron, DET10912119129101071051199111412911102010
Martellus Bennett, GBP111281081010121112151110111761210199161014
Hunter Henry, LAC121171212111111181913131615101318151513151611
Jack Doyle, IND13131313159141314912141212221515111610201113
Jason Witten, DAL141516141314171612131115131715168131214112112
Coby Fleener, NOS1514151514-1315161514121413131210231315212315
Austin Hooper, ATL16192118201515141716191815211814201917-121816
Julius Thomas, MIA1718171924-1819212422232216211821172516-2419
Antonio Gates, LAC1821-2019-19-131720222022161916201417191218
C.J. Fiedorowicz, HOU1922182117-1617152217192124-20-1611-142217
Cameron Brate, TBB2016192218---231823-1919191717142121171420
Austin Seferian-Jenkins, NYJ212322-22-2320-1418202320142422-2222-1521
Charles Clay, BUF22--162116-1822-162117181221132118-13-22
Jared Cook, OAK2317141723-22212020-241814---182418--27
Evan Engram, NYG24242323---22-21--252324--24272022-25
Jordan Reed is already hurt and the season hasn't even started yet. I just can't deal with the pain anymore...

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