In this weekly DraftDay value report, we’ll take a look at values by comparing a player’s FantasyPros Expert Consensus Ranking (ECR) to their salary rank. For instance, if Tom Brady is the 3rd overall quarterback according to ECR, but he’s ranked 10th in salary, there’s potentially a value there. I’ll dig deeper, looking at the matchup and the players historical performance through the lense of our GLSP projections and recommend a value/pass grade. In the end, it’s up to you to pick which players to play. Is Aaron Rodgers technically a value if he’s 2nd in ECR but 5th in salary? Yes, but Matthew Stafford might be 5th in ECR and ranked 14th in salary and is the better play.

As always, don’t forget to diversify your lineups, and remember to always play within your means. Be sure to check out our Draft Day Dominator App to see how these players fit into your weekly strategy.

Hakeem Nicks2136.5-15.5$ 8,200WRThe Fantasy Pros experts like Nicks to have a top 24 week at WR, while DraftDay is giving you a discount to the tune of about 12 roster spots. I actually like Nicks this week and think that he could end up having a pretty big day.Value
Torrey Smith2028-8$ 9,250WRSometimes value is about picking your spots and I just don’t think Smith offers the type of value that’s likely to win you very many games. The Bengals defense has been reasonably good thus far, so I’d look for better valuesPass
DeSean Jackson814-6$ 13,000WRAt one point this season the Packers were allowing pretty much every deep receiver to torch them. But they’ve actually gotten better lately. I have this as essentially a neutral matchup for Jackson.Pass
A.J. Green26-4$ 15,800WRGreen carries the price tag of an elite WR, even if the Fantasy Pros rankers think he’ll do better than his salary indicates. I’m not saying you can’t play Green, but he isn’t what I would call a value play. I have the matchup as negative for WRs.Pass
Garrett Graham1420.5-6.5$ 6,250TEARI has given up some really big TE weeks including to Jared Cook, Jimmy Graham and Vernon Davis. Graham’s price tag is also pretty cheap, so I like him as a play for 50/50s. In a GPP I don’t know that he has the sort of sky high upside you need.Value
Charles Clay1318-5$ 6,550TEI actually have the Buccs defense as a slightly negative matchup for TE.Pass
Andre Brown2750-23$ 5,000RBAt this point we really don’t know much about how the NYG carries will be split on Sunday. Because it’s a killer to end up with a goose egg in your lineup, I think there are probably better options. If we do get some clarity on Brown’s role before the weekend, he could be a really juicy value play.Pass
Trent Richardson2035-15$ 5,900RBEvery re-draft Trent Richardson owner in the world is sitting around waiting for the 2 TD games they’ve been promised. Maybe… maybe… if the Colts didn’t call every run for Trich right up the gut I would think about playing him (I said maybe). But as it is, Donald Brown is probably more likely to run wild on the poor STL defense than TRich is.Pass
Fred Jackson1427-13$ 8,600RBJackson is probably a pretty decent value play. You won’t feel great about starting him but his price is cheap and certainly in a PPR format he could have a decent day. The Steelers defense is no longer the Steelers defense.Value
Maurice Jones-Drew1728-11$ 8,000RBYou’re not going to win many matchups if you don’t get touchdowns and MJD always seems such a longshot to score. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up with 50 rushing yards and 30 receiving yards, but again, I don’t expect him to score. Having said that, the TEN defense is probably a decent matchup. My problem isn’t there, it’s on the JAX side of the ball.Pass
Ray Rice1930-11$ 7,650RBThis is actually a negative matchup so I’m more inclined to believe the DD salary than I am the Fantasy Pros composite. But if you are trying to put together a high upside GPP lineup, Rice’s salary is dirt cheap and we have seen him put up big fantasy games… although not this year.Pass
Alfred Morris919-10$ 10,350RBHere we go. DD is a PPR format, so some of the price discrepancy can be attributed to that. But this is a good matchup vs. a run defense that has given up big days and Morris is running really well this year. I think this is a value.Value
Mike James1521.5-6.5$ 9,500RBI have this as a plus matchup and the price is also right. Value.Value
Marshawn Lynch37-4$ 14,450RBThis is about fair value I think. There’s certainly room for a big game as the ATL pass defense has been really bad, so I think SEA will score in this game both on the ground and through the air. But you’re also paying a decent price for that upside.Pass
DeMarco Murray1115-4$ 11,350RBI don’t really see a ton of value here. The Cowboys perpetually have their heads up their asses when it comes to play calling so there isn’t really anything reliable that you can count on. Murray could have 20 carries for 120, or he could have 5 for 30. Honestly who knows. We do know though that DAL will keep this game close enough to make sure that Jason Garrett stays just on the brink of being fired forever.Pass
Robert Griffin III614-8$ 13,550QBI’m probably not rolling with any of the value QBs this week because Drew Brees has such a juicy matchup. But of the three QBs listed here I like RGIII the most just due to a mix of price and upside. Russell Wilson could have the biggest day (although he could also give you a very efficient 150 yards passing for the $16k you spend on him) while Kap just has a straight difficult matchup.Value
Colin Kaepernick1219.5-7.5$ 13,050QBSee RGIII comments
Russell Wilson58-3$ 16,000QBSee RGIII comments

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