7998493097_edbcbd1a83_c Going back to McFadden’s sophomore season, the ADP of his handcuffs (Micheal Bush and Mike Goodson) have been RB67 (Goodson during the season when there was confusion as to who was the real handcuff, indicated by Taiwan Jones RB70 ADP), RB46, and RB40. The frequent benefactor of Darren McFadden’s injuries was Micheal Bush and he was drafted as such. Going into the 2013 season, the same worries have persisted about McFadden. Not counting last year’s zone-blocking disaster, McFadden has been incredible while healthy. Per PFF, In 2011, he was 3rd running back in the league in points per opportunity (carries + pass routes ran) and in 2010 he was 2nd. Even though often-injured, McFadden has been a fantasy superstar, making the question of his injury-proneness of the utmost importance. Quotations from McFadden himself and GM Reggie McKenzie indicate that DMC’s poor numbers in 2012 were reflective of the scheme, not of any loss of Talent. McFadden stated to the San Francisco Chronicle ““This is very exciting for me; I am the type of guy who likes to go downhill, make a cut and go; that’s my thing. We’ll mix it up like we used to, and get some zones in there, but for the most part, I will be keeping my shoulders toward the line of scrimmage.” McKenzie was quoted as saying ““I’m looking forward to Darren McFadden having a great season this year. He’s a “north-south runner, not a lateral mover.” So, we have a situation where McFadden is being undervalued due to poor production and a perceived injury risk. Given that McFadden’s backup has been a valuable fantasy commodity and that a large majority of the fantasy football community has fallen in love with Latavius Murray, it’s worthwhile to look at Rashad Jennings. Jennings missed all of 2011 on the IR, was terrible for the Jaguars in 2012, but is currently listed as 2nd on the depth chart behind McFadden. Here are the tables detailing the career injury history of both McFadden and Jennings. Now, you tell me: are they injury-prone?

Rashad Jennings

Rashad Jennings20101
Rashad Jennings20102
Rashad Jennings20103
Rashad Jennings20104
Rashad Jennings20105Questionable: shoulderDNPQ
Rashad Jennings20106Questionable: shoulderDNPQ
Rashad Jennings20107
Rashad Jennings20108
Rashad Jennings20109
Rashad Jennings201010
Rashad Jennings201011
Rashad Jennings201012
Rashad Jennings201013
Rashad Jennings201014
Rashad Jennings201015
Rashad Jennings201016
Rashad Jennings20111Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings20112Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings20113Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings20114Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings20115Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings20116Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings20117Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings20118Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings20119Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings201110Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings201111Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings201112Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings201113Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings201114Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings201115Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings201116Injured Reserve: kneeDNPIR
Rashad Jennings20121Questionable: legQ
Rashad Jennings20122Doubtful: kneeDNPD
Rashad Jennings20123Questionable: kneeDNPQ
Rashad Jennings20124Probable: kneeP
Rashad Jennings20125
Rashad Jennings20126
Rashad Jennings20127
Rashad Jennings20128
Rashad Jennings20129
Rashad Jennings201210
Rashad Jennings201211
Rashad Jennings201212
Rashad Jennings201213Doubtful: concussionDNPD
Rashad Jennings201214Doubtful: concussionDNPD
Rashad Jennings201215Doubtful: concussionDNPD
Rashad Jennings201216Injured Reserve: concussionDNPIR

Jennings puts up 24 DNPs in 48 weeks, for a 50% DNP rate. Jennings has mostly been a reserve player, so his multiple trips to the IR haven’t draw as much ire as McFadden’s have. Additionally, he has suffered from a greater variety of injuries than McFadden, including an IR trip due to concussions, which is the death knell for running backs.

Darren McFadden

Darren McFadden20091
Darren McFadden20092
Darren McFadden20093
Darren McFadden20094
Darren McFadden20095Out: kneeDNPO
Darren McFadden20096Out: kneeDNPO
Darren McFadden20097Out: kneeDNPO
Darren McFadden20098Out: kneeDNPO
Darren McFadden20099Probable: kneeP
Darren McFadden200910
Darren McFadden200911
Darren McFadden200912
Darren McFadden200913
Darren McFadden200914
Darren McFadden200915
Darren McFadden200916
Darren McFadden20101
Darren McFadden20102
Darren McFadden20103
Darren McFadden20104
Darren McFadden20105Questionable: hamstringDNPQ
Darren McFadden20106Questionable: hamstringDNPQ
Darren McFadden20107Questionable: hamstringQ
Darren McFadden20108
Darren McFadden20109
Darren McFadden201010
Darren McFadden201011
Darren McFadden201012
Darren McFadden201013
Darren McFadden201014
Darren McFadden201015
Darren McFadden201016Questionable: foot/ankleDNPQ
Darren McFadden20111
Darren McFadden20112Questionable: shoulderQ
Darren McFadden20113Questionable: shoulderQ
Darren McFadden20114Probable: groin/shoulderP
Darren McFadden20115
Darren McFadden20116
Darren McFadden20117
Darren McFadden20118Doubtful: footDNPD
Darren McFadden20119Questionable: footDNPQ
Darren McFadden201110Doubtful: footDNPD
Darren McFadden201111Out: footDNPO
Darren McFadden201112Doubtful: footDNPD
Darren McFadden201113Out: footDNPO
Darren McFadden201114Doubtful: footDNPD
Darren McFadden201115Doubtful: footDNPD
Darren McFadden201116Out: footDNPO
Darren McFadden20121
Darren McFadden20122
Darren McFadden20123
Darren McFadden20124Probable: shoulderP
Darren McFadden20125Probable: shoulderP
Darren McFadden20126Probable: shoulderP
Darren McFadden20127Probable: shoulderP
Darren McFadden20128Probable: shoulderP
Darren McFadden20129Doubtful: ankleDNPD
Darren McFadden201210Questionable: ankleDNPQ
Darren McFadden201211Doubtful: ankleDNPD
Darren McFadden201212Questionable: ankleDNPQ
Darren McFadden201213Questionable: ankleQ
Darren McFadden201214Probable: ankle
Darren McFadden201215
Darren McFadden201216

DMC put up 20 DNPs in 64 weeks, for “only” a 31% DNP rate. While that is still pretty miserable, I would imagine that if most people guessed, they would guess a higher percentage. Additionally, McFadden has been ruled out in the middle of the week or well before game time most of the time, which is incredibly useful for fantasy owners because it gives you plenty of time to prepare and change your roster accordingly. That’s called a silver lining.

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Davis Mattek is a 21 year old English Major at Kansas State University. He can be found most days writing about fantasy sports for www.sportswunderkind.com , FantasyInsiders, RotoAcademy and Rotoviz.