For discussion on App usage, see the commentary below the App.

Use the tool below to create splits that divide a player’s game logs into two categories. This App might be useful for looking up QB stats when they missed a key receiver, or WR stats when one of their receiver teammates was out. You can also split the season up by week, or split by point (48)

The inputs under the section titled “Global Filters” will remove games from the game log (by player and season), and will also let you specify which stats are calculated. The inputs under the “Split by Variables” section let you divide the game log into two groups. For instance, to look at Matt Ryan games in 2013, played with Julio Jones. You could enter Matt Ryan’s name in the player drop down, select 2013 using the slider, and then specify the passing stats you want to see. After you’ve done that you can enter Julio Jones’ name into the “also played” box in the Split section. The averages will be calculated and displayed in the table. Game logs are also available under the tabs.

A few notes on usage:

  • The “also played” box will evaluate to essentially say “give me any game in which any of these players played”.
  • The split will create an “In Split” and then everything that doesn’t fit in the “In Split” goes in the other column.
  • Just like in real football, the point spread and the game result have an inverse relationship. -10 in game result is a 10 point loss, while -10 in the point spread means favored by 10.
  • You can download the table for publishing elsewhere by right clicking on the table image that’s produced.
  • Fantasy Points (FPs) are based on half PPR scoring and 5 pts for passing touchdowns.

Any hopes to add Outdoor/Dome splits?  Looking at T.Y. Hilton and there's not a huge discrepancy between Home/Road.  But when I looked at some of the game logs saw some big games on Road that were Domes (the Houston 3 td game stuck out of course).  I did assume that the roof was closed in all Houston games, but I came up with some more revealing numbers.  Like I said, the Home/Roads are almost identical (Points were 11.78 vs 11.66 pts per game) with actually a higher TD rate on Road (.29 vs .45), but the Dome/Outdoor revealed a more favorable scenario for Hilton indoors.  Per game averages:

                               Dome                     Outdoors

Fantasy Points       12.6                       10.3

Receptions             5                              4.25

Touchdowns           .4                            .31

Targets                    8.5                           6.75

Yards                      77.2                          61.06

I'm sure there's other players that are impacted by playing in a dome too.  Would be interesting to look at.  


When are you going to update the stats for the splits app?  At the moment it's only updated through week 6


So on my android device I cannot delete players from the selection fields so I can only do a split with julio jones.

Could you possibly get rid of the preselected names?


why isn't there any player past "John Stadeford" able to be selected from the players list?

rotoviz moderator

@TuckStar13 just start typing the name you're looking for. it's a pretty big player universe that buts up against the limits of that control. so the players are in there, they're just not displayed.

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