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Host: Peter Overzet – Contributor to RotoViz, Host of The Turnover on 4for4, and Producer of the ‘Pete Manzinelli’ YouTube Channel

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No. 15 – Drafting for $100,000 in Nashville: $15 for a Great Weekend

No. 14 – Chris Wesseling Tackles the Big C: From Cincinnati to Survivor

No. 13 – Live from Las Vegas: High-Stakes Games & Banter at the FFPC

No. 12 – Antrim, Ireland. Population: Football: Fantasy Becomes Reality

No. 11 – Co-Managers: Someone Else Who Cares About Your Team

No. 10 – High Stakes: Fantasy Sports, Real Money

No. 9 – Brothers in Arms: The OklahomIraqis Veterans League

No. 8 – GPPs: Not the Chalk

No. 7 – Late-Round Quarterback: We’re Still Waiting

No. 6 – Predictions: You’re Going to Be Wrong

No. 5 – DFS: Pros and Lambos

No. 4 – Zero RB: The Art of Antifragile Drafting

No. 3 – Rotoworld: The Center of the Fantasy Universe

No. 2 – Girls: Winning Is What They Do

No. 1 – Spreadsheets: The Machinery Behind the Fantasy

No. 0 – Preview: A Sneak Peek

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If you’d like to donate to a good cause, Chris Wesseling (from Ep. 14) has recommended the Cancer Research Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing immunotherapy to treat, control, and cure all cancers. You can donate to the charity at www.cancerresearch.org.

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