Elijah McGuire
11 Jul 2018

Intriguing Recent Best Ball Risers


The 2018 season draws ever closer, with the Scott Fish Bowl draft starting this week. But while not everyone is able to take part in this event, almost all can still experience the joy of building a roster in best ball leagues.((if you live in areas where the activity is permitted,

Young WRs
10 Jul 2018

RotoViz WR Tiers: Behind the Scenes


I recently endeavoured to update my player tiers across all positions. Having done so only a month ago, I assumed few changes would be needed. I was wrong. Camps have yet to open, and things are still very fluid.

10 Jul 2018

The 2 Best Fantasy Values in Round 3


Fantasy football is a game of finding inefficiencies in the market. Armed with the MFL10 ADP app, we have the visual means to help us find the players who have the best chance at beating the market and paying off at their current cost in MFL10 best ball drafts.

09 Jul 2018

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love PKs and DEFs in High Stakes Best Ball Leagues


Truly, is there a format better suited to the unmotivated fantasy football hobbyist than a best ball league? All you have to do is draft a team, then let the divine hands of the fantasy gods decide your fate as your optimal lineup is automatically selected for you each week.


Fantasy Football