10 Jan 2019

One Weird Trick for Finding Top WR Prospects: Early Declaration and Draft Age – The Wrong Read, No. 53


Welcome to the 53rd installment of The Wrong Read. Does draft age really matter for wide receiver prospects? The truth may surprise you — at least if you’ve been following this column for a little while. As Karl Popper put it, the most important evolutionary advantage of the

tyler boyd
09 Jan 2019

Zero RB, Elite TE, Patrick Mahomes, and Tyler Boyd: Was It Enough in 2018?


Shawn Siegele examines his 2018 fantasy results to see if the picks he provided to readers – breakout wide receivers, Zero RB candidates, structural drafting strategies, and more – proved successful in his own leagues.

09 Jan 2019

2019 NFL Draft Prospect: Kaden Smith


Some colleges seem to have a knack for producing players at a certain position. Georgia seems able to keep churning out productive running backs, like Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb. USC has sent a fair number of quarterbacks into the NFL (with varying levels of success). Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez,

09 Jan 2019

PGA DFS: Top Plays, GPP Pivots, and Ownership Projections for the Sony Open


We’re sticking around Hawaii for one more weekend as the Tour makes its way to Waialae CC. If you want a more in-depth look at the trends of how the course is played, head over to the course preview article for this week where you can see the stats I’m


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