DD Article 17
12 Jul 2018

Draft Dashboard Tutorials


With the Scott Fish Bowl in full swing, draft season is officially here! That means it’s time to start mock drafting and getting familiar with Draft Dashboard. If you invest a little bit of time into learning how to use it, equip it for your league specifics, and get familiar

11 Jul 2018

When The Devy Breaks: SEC Opportunity Report


Opportunity is paramount in fantasy football. Whether it’s redraft, dynasty, or devy, it’s important to get an idea of how changing situations may alter the distribution of playing time and production in the upcoming season. Now is the time of the year to identify players looking at expanded

11 Jul 2018

Is Larry Fitzgerald a Slam Dunk in 2018? 3 Reasons He May Be a Risk


Last season, Larry Fitzgerald was one of my favorite targets with an overall ADP of 50th. Now that he’s jumped more than a round to 35th overall, I’m slowing down a little on the living legend.

JuJu Smith-Schuster
11 Jul 2018

The Points Per Target Danger Zone: Wide Receivers Due for Regression


Points per target (PPT) is not a sticky stat. The relationship between a wide receiver’s PPT in year N has little correlation with his PPT in year N+1. Simply put, we can’t count on a player’s efficiency in terms of PPT carrying from season to season.


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