For the 2018 Fantasy Football Season, RotoViz is offering a suite of Excel-Based tools to get you ready for the season, navigate your draft, and make in-season moves. Dave Caban, who has released similar tools at FFDRAFTPREP for the last four seasons, will be building the tools. All will be available to RotoViz subscribers as part of season-long subscriptions. Additionally, the tools will be available for non-subscribers to purchase individually or as a package.

RotoViz subscribers can download the tools here…

Fantasy Stat Explorer 
 – Draft Dashboard – Projection Machine – Weekly Research Explorer – Excel Package

RV XL Tools


Please note: the tools will only function on PCs or Macs running Microsoft Excel and mobile versions are not supported. It’s recommended that they are used with Excel 2010 or subsequent versions to ensure full functionality. Subscribers can download the tools at this page and non-subscribers can purchase the tools at the FFDRAFTPREP Online Store.

2018 Fantasy Stat Explorer

System Requirements: In order for the tool to function properly, it needs to be run on Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer on a PC or Mac.

Please note that all sales are final and refunds will not be granted. The Stat Explorer was designed for draft prep and does not update during the season. 

The 2018 Fantasy Stat Explorer is a sophisticated Excel-based research tool that provides you with a detailed overview of player performance from the last five seasons. The Explorer adds an increased level of context to player research and allows users to easily identify trends.  The tool provides you with a number of key inputs for developing 2018 expectations. Historical projections including average stat-lines as well as low, median, mean, and high outcomes for over 350 players are included.

Key Data Points

  • Historical ADP, PPG, and Season-Ending Ranks
  • Counting stats for passing, rushing, and receiving (yards, touchdowns, targets, etc.)
  • Weeks in top 12, top 24, and top 36 at position
  • Full game logs for the 2013 – 2017 season
  • Advanced receiving stats provided by AirYards
  • Efficiency stats such as targets per touchdown, points per attempt, and more
  • 2017 breakaway rushing and receiving statistics
  • Detailed breakdown of 2017 passing and receiving by location and distance
  • Positional rankings for a variety of stats
  • RotoViz tiers and average ADP

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2018 Draft Dashboard

System Requirements: In order for the tool to function properly, it needs to be run on Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer on a PC or Mac.

Please note that all sales are final and refunds will not be granted. The Dashboard was designed for 2018 drafts and will not be updated after September 6th of 2018. 

The 2018 Draft Dashboard is a fully customizable, Excel-based fantasy drafting solution. Utilizing a streamlined interface, the Dashboard provides you with all pertinent data needed to make efficient, effective, and confident decisions. The tool capitalizes on a number of drafting concepts, such as positional scarcity and tier-based player evaluation, to provide you with a personalized drafting experience, updating analysis with every pick. The 2018 release features full-fledged mock drafts in which the computer will determine the players drafted by opposing teams.

Your League, Your Draft

The Dashboard accommodates leagues consisting of 7 – 16 teams, snake/NFL style drafts and supports traded picks and keepers. ADP data from a variety of sources are included as well as RotoViz player tiers, which can be modified to your preferences. ADP and Tier data will be updated routinely as the season approaches. Users have the ability to include additional metrics, allowing you to track the number of shares you have in a player, include personal rankings, custom player grades, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Stay Ahead of the Competition

The Dashboard evolves as the draft progresses, allowing you to constantly monitor the ebb and flow of the draft. You can seamlessly toggle available players by position, determine the number of players available within each tier, and remain aware of the construction of your opponents’ rosters, letting you anticipate their next move. The Dashboard provides a list of “Panic Picks” that you can fall back on in the event you’re caught off-guard during your draft. Team specific needs are identified and a scarcity analysis updates with every pick. All of this information is readily available and can be digested in seconds. Input of drafted players is a breeze with our updated ‘Name Search’ function and improved ‘Draft Button.’

Key Notes

The Dashboard is a sophisticated Excel spreadsheet. The entirety of the tool is housed within Microsoft Excel. In order for all functionality to execute properly, you will need to use a version of Excel 2010 or newer on a PC or Mac. The tool will not work on mobile versions of Excel.

  • Accommodates leagues of 7 – 16 teams
  • Both Snake and NFL Draft Orders
  • Choose from a variety of sources for ADP Data
  • Use our meticulously researched RotoViz tiers or input your own
  • Designate roster size/positions and team nicknames
  • Incorporate complex pre-draft trades
  • Designate keepers
  • No internet connection required
  • Save multiple versions and configure for multiple drafts
  • ADP and pre-populated tiers automatically update every time the file is opened
  • Perform full-fledged mock drafts against the computer!
  • Logic for 2-QB and Superflex leagues has been included in this year’s release

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You can test-drive the 2017 version for free and learn more about it here!



















2018 Excel Projection Machine

System Requirements: In order for the tool to function properly, it needs to be run on Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer  on a PC or Mac.

The 2018 Projection Builder is an advanced Excel spreadsheet that will help you create a set of well-developed fantasy projections much like the RotoViz Projection Machine. The tool employs a top-down approach and will ensure that you correctly allocate rushes, targets, and market shares while building your projections. You can quickly search the included historical team and player data to efficiently build projections for every NFL team. In addition to adapting to scoring settings, the tool provides an overview of the projection-building process. Results are aggregated into positional tabs that can be sorted, filtered, and printed. Projections created within the Projection Builder can be quickly loaded into the Draft Dashboard.

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2018 Weekly Research Explorer

System Requirements: In order for the tool to function properly, it needs to be run on Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer on a PC or Mac.

Please note that all sales are final and refunds will not be granted. 

The 2018 Weekly Explorer is a sophisticated, Excel-based research tool that will provide you with just about everything you could possibly need to make in-season managerial decisions – – setting lineups, playing the waiver wire, evaluating trades, streaming defenses, etc. The tool will be updated on a weekly basis and will allow you to identify player trends, stay on top of relevant fantasy statistics, identify players with increasing opportunity, determine upcoming strength of schedules, and understand how players are accumulating fantasy points. In addition to including DFS salary information, AirYards data, and game by game odds/lines, the Explorer will provide weekly GLSP Projections, overviewing historical ranges of outcomes for every relevant fantasy player.

During the season, updated versions of the file with statistics from the prior week will be posted to RotoViz on Wednesdays. Non-subscribers will be sent an email on Wednesdays including the updated file.

Expected Release Date: Wednesday after Week 1 of 2018 NFL Season

Key Data Points/Information

  • Customized tabs with position-relevant data included for Team Offense, QB, RB, WR, TE, DST
  • Customized trend finders with positional relevant data included for QB, RB, WR, and TE
  • Strength of schedule tabs that can be filtered for specific ranges of weeks, included for all QB, RB, WR, TE, and DST
  • Red Zone attempts and targets, RB snaps and usage percentages
  • Weekly counting stats (attempts, yards, touchdowns, etc.)
  • Weekly rankings, expected points, and position-specific rankings
  • Game Script Graphs
  • Team leaders and opportunity breakdowns
  • Offensive player vs. defense details
  • Much, much, more

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2018 Excel Package

The 2018 Excel Package is the all-in option for non-subscribers. Purchase of the package gives you access to all of the above tools and the vital information contained within — historical projections, RotoViz Tiers, ADP data, and a plethora of stats and metrics. The Fantasy Stat Explorer, Draft Dashboard, and Projection Builder will be included in your download. The Weekly Explorer will be sent to the email address used to purchase the package on a weekly basis.

2018 Excel Tools Pricing

Tool $
Fantasy Stat Explorer 7
Draft Dashboard 15
Projection Machine 5
Weekly Stat Explorer 27
Excel Package 37

RotoViz subscribers can download the tools here…