28 Sep 2018

Julio Jones Ends the Long Drought and More Week 4 Bold Predictions


It’s time for another season of bad bets based in good process, better known as Bold Predictions.

07 Sep 2018

Terminated! 2: Fantasy Judgment Day


Football is a violent sport. Fantasy football? Not so much. But what if you played fantasy football while pretending to be an unrelenting time-traveling cyborg assassin, ruthlessly eliminating a player from your roster every week while spouting nearly 30-year-old catch phrases like “Hasta la vista, baby” in a really bad

06 Sep 2018

High Staked: Drafting After the Thursday Night Opener


High stakes champion Monty Phan discusses how to approach the Thursday night riddle for those drafting in main events and other contests this weekend. There have been times when I’ve gotten so mad at myself for making a wrong lineup decision that I’ve actually thought: If only I could see

03 Oct 2017

Stairway to Seven: Steelers Suffocate Ravens


I will recap each of the Pittsburgh Steelers games this year to gain insight into trends that might help project the team’s fantasy performance. This week I take a look at a dominating victory on the road over the struggling Baltimore Ravens to take first place over the AFC North.

Matt Breida
08 Sep 2017

Breaking Down the Fantasy Depth Chart for All 32 Teams


NFL teams have made their final 53-man roster cuts to create the roster will carry into the season. This is the possible fantasy fallout from all of them.

old lady bong hits
07 Sep 2017

Allen Robinson Is A Top-6 WR and 9 More Bold Predictions


14 Team Mocker writes a lot of words. Here’s a succinct recap of some of his wildest, in the form of bold predictions for this offseason. 

Sammy Watkins 3
14 Aug 2017

What Sammy Watkins Trade Means For Fantasy


Not too long ago, the thought of Robert Woods being the number one in Los Angeles and getting lots of targets had thoughts of Golden Tate running through our heads. But alas, it was not meant to be as Sammy Watkins was traded to the Rams Friday in a surprising

Justin Davis
10 Aug 2017

Who The Hell Is Justin Davis?


Rams rookie running back Justin Davis may have popped up in your news feed this week. Who?

07 Aug 2017

Welcome Back – Here Are Our Most Popular Offseason Articles


Football is back! Here’s a look at our most popular articles this offseason along with a few that should have been more popular.

Larry Fitzgerald John Brown
26 Jul 2017

Opportunity Depth Chart: The Best Wide Receiver Situations – NFC West


Opportunity Depth Chart is a series about Fantasy Points Per Team Attempt, a way to identify high-value wide receiver opportunity.