Lebron James Browns
24 Mar 2017

This Week In Hyperbole: Let’s Send John Elway To Afghanistan And See How He Likes It


This is a weekly article focusing on hyperbole and (over)reactions to the latest NFL news.  

Rex Burkhead
16 Mar 2017

This Week In Hyperbole: Rex Is Latin For King


This is a weekly article focusing on the hyperbole and (over)reactions to the latest NFL news.  

Jamaal Charles
03 Mar 2017

The Three Different Possible Futures For Jamaal Charles


Jamaal Charles has been released by the Kansas City Chiefs.

leveon bell
21 Feb 2017

Bell and Johnson’s Historic Years Will Likely Lead to Regression


In 2016, fantasy players who ignored the risks presented by Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson were rewarded with successful seasons. While they’ll likely remain good players in 2017, they’re due for a significant amount of regression.

Julius Thomas
20 Feb 2017

Wake Up In The Morning And He’s Gone: Julius Thomas Traded To The Miami Dolphins


Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Julius Thomas likely traded to the Miami Dolphins. 

Tom Brady Combine
20 Feb 2017

Visualizing 16 Years Of NFL Combine Data


It’s NFL combine time! In the spirit of the season, and building on the rich history of both pre-draft scouting and data visualization here at RotoViz, I took a look at historical trends in several combine metrics, focusing specifically on offensive skill position players.

16 Feb 2017

The Vegas Betting Lines For Free Agent Landing Spots


This article is an examination of Las Vegas betting lines for free agent landing spots, part of a series speculating on free agency. 

RB Model Performance
24 Jan 2017

Evaluating My 2016 RB Model Performance


Prior to the season I created a machine learning model to project running back performance in 2016, and the results are in. This article is intended not only to evaluate my RB model performance, but to figure out the “why” behind the results and to brainstorm how to improve the model going

RotoViz Time Machine
18 Jan 2017

RotoViz Time Machine: Meet Shawn Jon


An occasional column highlighting milestones in RotoViz history. The RotoViz Time Machine lets up hop back in time to February of 2013 — RotoViz’s second month in existence. At this point in time, RotoViz was no longer a one-man shop. February 2013 marked the initial appearances of some future heavyweights.

12 Jan 2017

Dalvin Cook, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and the 2017 Draft Age Database


This is a database of birth dates for all skill position player prospects expected to be considered during the 2017 NFL Draft.