01 Jul 2015

Curious Clues From the Sim Scores App: QB Edition


I think the Similarity Scores App is pretty amazing, and it tends to get overlooked around here, among all the other great tools and content. I recommend you read this post by The Douche, which tells you everything you need to know about how the app works. But here’s the

19 Feb 2015

Zero RB and Early My Fantasy League MFL10s


A few years ago, I played a handful of Draft Champions leagues through the NFFC using Zero RB. I came out slightly ahead and felt like Zero RB would certainly work in the draft-only format. But I also came out thinking that the opposite approach would work better.

16 Feb 2015

Should You Draft Todd Gurley and Other Rookie RBs in MFL10s?


I recently published lists of seven running backs to target in MFL10s and six RBs to avoid in MFL10s, but neither list contained a single rookie RB. That does not mean that I am ambivalent on the matter. If I’m good at anything, it’s having an

04 Feb 2015

How Old is Too Old? Calvin Johnson and the Significance of Age in Overall Production

30 Jan 2015

Six RBs to Avoid In Early My Fantasy League MFL10s

12 Jan 2015

Going RB-RB or Zero WR? You Should Draft Number Two WRs

14 Oct 2014

Zero RB Antifragility: 2014 Midseason Check-in with Justin Forsett, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Fred Jackson