09 Jul 2015

Superflex is the Future


I have seen the future, and her name is superflex. Superflex Noun | su·per·flex | \ˈsü-pər-fleks\ : a fantasy football league that includes a flex roster spot in which you may start a quarterback, offering fantasy owners the flexibility to start two quarterbacks each week. Who Cares About Quarterbacks? Tell

06 Jul 2015

Not All Running Back Touches Are Created Equal


Not all touches are created equal. You’ve probably heard this before if you have played fantasy football for any length of time. For running backs in particular, there are two situations fantasy owners keep track of: third downs and in the red-zone. Just how important are those touches, and can

02 Jul 2015

Top 15 Zero RB Candidates: No. 1 to 5


We began with the candidates ranked No. 15 through No. 11. In that article I presented an evidence-based methodology for finding RB gems in the middle and late rounds. We then continued our countdown with No. 10 through No. 6 and found three rookies with a chance to pay immediate

01 Jul 2015

Why Are Smart Players Drafting Dwayne Bowe?


One of the cool things about the new composite projections we’ve been working on is it allows us to sort the players by rank in a given category. Even cooler, we can sort players by the difference between their ADP and projected finish to see who are the biggest bargains

01 Jul 2015

Locating the 5 Highest Upside Receivers for 2015


I like to build my draft board taking into account a variety of evidence-based approaches. In trying to determine picks at the very top of the draft, this means making sure as much evidence as possible points in the same direction. For this study, I wanted to use the RotoViz

01 Jul 2015

Using the Sim Score Apps to Find QB Bargains


I think the Similarity Scores App is pretty amazing, and it tends to get overlooked around here, among all the other great tools and content. I recommend you read this post by The Douche, which tells you everything you need to know about how the app works. But here’s the

19 Feb 2015

Zero RB and Early My Fantasy League MFL10s


A few years ago, I played a handful of Draft Champions leagues through the NFFC using Zero RB. I came out slightly ahead and felt like Zero RB would certainly work in the draft-only format. But I also came out thinking that the opposite approach would work better.

16 Feb 2015

Should You Draft Todd Gurley and Other Rookie RBs in MFL10s?


I recently published lists of seven running backs to target in MFL10s and six RBs to avoid in MFL10s, but neither list contained a single rookie RB. That does not mean that I am ambivalent on the matter. If I’m good at anything, it’s having an

04 Feb 2015

How Old is Too Old? Calvin Johnson and the Significance of Age in Overall Production

30 Jan 2015

Six RBs to Avoid In Early My Fantasy League MFL10s