20 Apr 2016

4 Boom/Bust Picks You Need to Make at the End of MFL10s


In MFL10s, the later rounds of the draft can seem a little bleak. You’re often deciding between a backup running back or wide receiver and hoping for a possible injury in front of them that will open up a path to usage. But some of this year’s late round picks

18 Apr 2016

The Upside Late-Round QBs to Target in MFL Drafts


Engaging in an all-out chase for upside, while ill advised in some parts of your various fantasy drafts, remains a hallmark of the experienced late-round quarterback adherent.

11 Apr 2016

The No-Brainer 8th Round MFL10 RB


There is a ton of running back value around the seventh and eighth round in current MFL10 ADP. While I can at least understand logic that has kept Ryan Mathews and Jay Ajayi on the board until 30 other RBs have gone (concerns about draft acquisitions, mostly), there is one RB coming off the board just behind

07 Apr 2016

Dion Lewis is a Bargain in the Fourth Round


It seems simple to say that what team a player is on matters for fantasy purposes. For example, when targeting running backs, you should generally follow teams with a winning record and teams that score a lot. And specifically for PPR, you should follow running backs that catch passes.

Mock Draft
06 Apr 2016

The RotoViz Scouting Index Mock Draft


To complete this exercise, I used the final RotoViz Scouting Index player rankings to generate an NFL mock draft.

05 Apr 2016

Embracing High Variance To Identify The Wide Receivers That Will Win MFL10s


You’re probably familiar with the My Fantasy League’s best ball public league format, commonly referred to as MFL10s. One thing that people constantly say when talking about drafting players in this format is something along the lines of “well in best ball…” followed by some tenuous, narrative-driven conclusion about why

free agency
04 Apr 2016

Quarterbacks Whose MFL10 ADPs Make Me Mad Online


It’s me, the guy who managed to auto-draft Dan Orlovsky with the last pick of a recent MFL10, here to dispense takes on which quarterbacks have average draft positions that make me mad online. Now that I’ve cemented trust between us, dear reader, let me get right to the point.

Dwayne Allen
01 Apr 2016

New Opportunity Makes Dwayne Allen Undervalued in 2016


Tight end (with a few exceptions) is usually the last position player considered by drafters when putting together a team for best ball leagues. And for the most part, that is a good strategy. Unless you are able to get a Rob Gronkowski or Jordan Reed at a discount, the

01 Apr 2016

A Brief History of PPR Scoring and League Winning Play Callers


A brief exploration of coaching and PPR scoring trends. I often hear people talk about the “coaching narrative.” How much does play calling matter for the top scoring players? I decided to find out if there is any correlation between play calling/coaching and the top fantasy players. There are some visible historical

25 Mar 2016

Gary Barnidge’s Sim Scores Suggest He’s Undervalued


I’ve been going through the Sim Scores Apps recently and comparing them to ADP. Recently I came across a tight end that is a ridiculous value relative to the types of comps his 2015 season elicits.