tyler boyd
09 Jan 2019

Zero RB, Elite TE, Patrick Mahomes, and Tyler Boyd: Was It Enough in 2018?


Shawn Siegele examines his 2018 fantasy results to see if the picks he provided to readers – breakout wide receivers, Zero RB candidates, structural drafting strategies, and more – proved successful in his own leagues.

tyler boyd
04 Sep 2018

Trade For These 5 Late-Round WRs Before It’s Too Late


The wide receiver position gets thin quickly in 2018. On the Main Event Draft Bootcamp, Pat Kerrane, Peter Overzet, and I looked at the barren hellscape that is the fourth and fifth rounds at the position. Instead of wasting picks in these high-value rounds, follow the evidence for

02 Sep 2018

Man vs. Machine: How to Attack When the Stars Slide


RotoViz writers are using the Draft Dashboard, the flagship tool of the FFDRAFTPREP Package, to attack 2018 drafts. Twelve authors have participated and each is mock drafting from a different starting position. The aim of this series is to outline the strategies employed by our writers and the information they

31 Aug 2018

Top 15 Zero RB Candidates for 2018 – The Final Board


Each year we provide a 2018 Zero RB candidates countdown to help you find inexpensive RBs to destroy your league. Welcome to the final board. 

30 Aug 2018

How These 10 Results from the RotoViz Ultimate Rankings Could Shape Your Early-Round Plan


If you missed it earlier in the week, Dave Caban put together the RotoViz Ultimate Rankings, using his projections from the Projection Machine, the tiers from the Draft Dashboard, the Historical Distribution Scores created from the similarity feature in the

receiving efficiency
29 Aug 2018

11 Takeaways From Recent High Stakes Drafts


I’ve had the chance to participate in a couple of Main Events over the last seven days. With a lot of excellent questions in the forums on where I’m seeing players go and what I’m doing in certain situations, here’s a quick look at some of the trends from these

25 Aug 2018

4 Second-Year WR Breakout Candidates You Must Own And 1 Big Red Flag to Avoid


While third-year wide receivers used to hog the spotlight, more receivers break out in Year 2 than any other. This is the group you have to own to dominate your league, yet red flags and traps abound. We look at three projection systems and WR ADP to locate the league

23 Aug 2018

When You Leave an Expert Auction With Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, and Odell Beckham Jr.


This post will provide the resources you need to be a successful auction drafter and run you through the thought processes employed while dominating an expert auction.

james white fantasy
23 Aug 2018

Mind the Gap: Team RB ADP and Draft Strategy


Back in June, I wrote about what the difference in same-team running back ADP implies about fantasy performance. A player’s ADP represents the market’s best assessment of his individual value. The difference in ADP between two RBs on the same team also tells us something about each player’s relative value.

Josh Doctson
21 Aug 2018

The Third-Year WR Breakout Candidates You Must Own And 3 Sleepers to Watch


The buzz over third-year wide receivers has largely died down in recent seasons as owners realize this isn’t a special group. But as the Myth of the Third-Year Breakout WR is dispelled, it opens up other opportunities for savvy owners. Third-year players do break out – just not in huge