Uptown and the Bronx Subway sign
08 Mar 2017

North Jersey Two Step: Brandon Marshall Signs With The Other New York Team


Brandon Marshall has signed a two-year deal with the New York Giants. 

08 Mar 2017

Historical Comps for Rob Kelley’s Rookie Season


After casting a weathered eye over Ezekiel Elliott last time out, we stay in the NFC East to look historical comparisons to the rookie season of Washington Redskins running back Rob Kelley.

07 Mar 2017

4 Ways Fantasy Football is Just Like Investing


Outside of fantasy football, my main hobby is investing. It feels like I spend an equally absurd amount of time reading about that subject as I do fantasy football. Then again, it’s hard to say for sure because it’s easy to lose track of which subject I’m actually reading about

DFS Contrarian
06 Mar 2017

Using Team WR Rankings II: Spotting Inefficiencies in Early MFL10 ADP


My last article looked at the idea of using team WR rankings as a means to identify potentially overvalued and undervalued targets for early MFL10s. I mostly painted some broad strokes to introduce the concept. This time, I compare actual players to consider when filling out a roster.

Jay Cutler Alshon Jeffery 1
06 Mar 2017

Free Agency Rankings Update


Don’t look now, but NFL free agency is here. Teams can begin negotiating tomorrow, and signings can start on Thursday March 9th. Here’s a quick update to our free agency rankings to help you prepare.

06 Mar 2017

3 More Ways Fantasy Football is Just Like Investing


In my last article, I discussed four ways in which fantasy football is just like investing. We left off by talking about the curious fact that, in general, as more people start to realize that a particular trade is a good idea, the less it actually is a good idea. That happens

Dak Prescott
03 Mar 2017

Historical Comps for Dak Prescott’s Rookie Season


After checking out the historical comps for two early-draft-pick quarterbacks, the focus of my attention now shifts to a player taken in the fourth round of the draft last May, namely Dak Prescott of the Cowboys. The man who Drew Bledsoe‘d Tony Romo, who ironically Drew Bledsoe’d Drew

28 Feb 2017

Historical Comps for Carson Wentz Rookie Season


After taking a look at rookie tight ends, and comparing them to recent players and their first years in the NFL, I have now turned my attention towards the most important single position in sports – the quarterback. The first player to warrant my attention? The second overall pick in

27 Feb 2017

Historical Comps for Sterling Shepard’s Rookie Season


How does Sterling Shepard’s rookie season compare to other recent rookies, and how do those comps inform our expectations going forward?

24 Feb 2017

Free Agency Frenzy: Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On


Free agency can have a big impact on dynasty fantasy football player valuations. To stay on top of things, check out our free agent rankings and our attempt to match free agents with teams, based on our understanding of team needs. Here’s an update based on the latest news and