NFL Draft Marlon Mack
16 May 2017

3 Rookies We’ve Ranked Too Low


We just released our 2017 Post-Draft rookie rankings, where 23 RotoViz contributors ranked the rookies 1-50 (or even deeper in some cases). The composite rankings are great because the provide a bit of a wisdom of the crowd approach to rookie ranks.

15 May 2017

Two Undrafted Free Agents That You Should Care About


After the NFL draft ended, and the people of Philadelphia booed Roger Goodell for the final time (at least to his face), the process of adding players who had not heard their names called by the NFL teams began.

Michael Crabtree
12 May 2017

6 Wild Trades From the Reality Sports Online Contract-League Draft


Reality Sports Online provides an auction format that replicates a lot of reality concepts in its innovative contract league. Rookies are added through a draft. Veteran contracts are determined by auction. Franchise tags are available. The salary cap is $167 million, just like in the real NFL.

rookie quarterback rankings
11 May 2017

RotoViz Dynasty League: A Third Round of Value Picks and IDP Stars


The RotoViz Dynasty League is a rollicking 19-starter, 60-roster spot format with full IDP.

rookie wide receiver rankings
10 May 2017

Rookie Drafts Galore: Comparing the Round 1 Results of 6 Expert Drafts


As the embers of the 2017 NFL draft still smoldered, dynasty leagues fired up rookie drafts of their own. Over the last couple of months, I’ve taken over teams in Chad Scott’s Faked Goods league and Ryan McDowell’s Hyperactive format. Both of these leagues have two conferences, giving us four

09 May 2017

2017 NFL Draft Reaction: Robert Davis Goes to the Washington Redskins


Robert Davis was drafted with the 209th overall pick in the sixth round of the 2017 NFL draft by the Washington Redskins. The Redskins lost DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, but Davis still enters a crowded depth chart, with Washington previously making some big offseason moves. If he can manage to see the field, he

QB Success Model
09 May 2017

The Post-Draft 2017 QB Success Model


Earlier this offseason I created the new and improved version of my QB success model. The QB success model uses several machine learning techniques to find the important variables in predicting QB success and in the implementation of the success classification itself. I’ve updated the results with the actual

08 May 2017

2017 NFL Draft Reaction: A Look at Davis Webb With the New York Giants


Davis Webb was drafted 87th overall by the New York Giants as a lottery ticket future backup to Eli Manning.  As 36-year old Manning starts to slow down, the organization would like to have a future quarterback already on the roster, and Webb was considered by some to

rookie rb
08 May 2017

Why the Texans and D’Onta Foreman Are a Good Fit


The NFL Draft is always an interesting exercise. It takes what we think we know about prospects and layers in information about a crucial aspect of fantasy football: opportunity. If there is a disconnect between our talent evaluation and our opportunity evaluation, we are forced to figure out which we

samaje perine
06 May 2017

RDL Rookie Draft: A Running Back Run in Round 2


Yesterday we looked at Round 1 of the RotoViz Dynasty League Rookie Draft. Today, we jump into Round 2 where numerous bargains await and our first IDPs fly off the board.