19 Feb 2013

Was Eric Decker’s Breakout Inevitable?


Entering 2012, his third season in the NFL, Eric Decker was a nice receiver who showed promise as a complement to Demaryius Thomas. In his first two seasons he caught 50 balls for 718 yards and

17 Feb 2013

Sounding the Cowbell on a Dynasty Sleeper, Mississippi State’s Chad Bumphis


Mississippi State receiver Chad Bumphis has been in the news twice recently. First, he used social media to warn recruits about taking money on National Signing Day. Later, news broke that he got snubbed from the NFL combine, despite hauling in 12 receiving touchdowns this year. For perspective,

14 Feb 2013

Keenan Allen and the Disappearing Pac-12 Wide Receiver (Part 2)


As you read in part 1 of this article, Pac-12 wide receivers are going extinct. Now it’s time to examine some similarities among failed Pac-12 prospects and see if we can find a trend. Hopefully we can get a read on California WR Keenan Allen.

13 Feb 2013

Keenan Allen and the Disappearing Pac-12 Wide Receiver (Part 1)


Let’s play a word association game. If I say ‘Peanut Butter,’ you say ______. If I say ‘Salt,’ you say _______. If I say ‘Pac 12 wide receivers,’ you say ______.

11 Feb 2013

In the Shadow of Giants: Stephen Hill and the Monster Wideouts from Georgia Tech


Calvin Johnson is the greatest. 2012 saw the Georgia Tech alum set the NFL single season record for receiving yards, solidifying himself as the best receiver in the game.

29 Jan 2013

Josh Gordon Similarity Scores


*The plot shows the distribution of fantasy point/game improvement for Josh Gordon similar receivers.

28 Jan 2013

Dynasty: Is Stedman Bailey a Bargain Waiting to Happen?


Using the college receiver app that I posted over the weekend you can sort and filter college receiver stats by a number of criteria including down, distance, opponent quality and yard line on the field.  I’ve been playing around with it a little over the past few days and figured