28 Oct 2015

Joe 2 Pro: DFS Week 7 Recap and Week 8 Cash Game Strategy


Week 7 was very high scoring because a lot of the chalk players had great games. Todd Gurley, Philip Rivers, Ladarius Green, and Lamar Miller all had respectable games. If you rostered Miller and Gurley, there’s a strong chance you did very well in your cash games. I can’t really complain that I won $607

Todd Gurley ADP
27 Oct 2015

Diary of a DFS Novice: FanDuel Week 7


Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the black! This was a great week for me on my DFS venture, and it had the potential to be a monster week with some better decision making. Let’s talk about the week that was on FanDuel.

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26 Oct 2015

Your NBA DFS Primer Part III: Lineup Construction and Stacking


Now that you’re up to speed on the basics of NBA DFS, as well as what positions are important for success, it is finally time for us to talk about lineup construction. I think that for many fantasy players, especially beginners, constructing a quality lineup looks a lot easier than

Cam Newton
24 Oct 2015

Sexy Rexy’s Week 7 FanDuel and DraftKings Picks


After a week off from writing the column, I’m back like cooked crack and ready to dish out the goods (daily fantasy picks).  Week 6 was hectic for me at my real job, and I’m more motivated than ever to win the milly this week and retire. This week, I’m going

23 Oct 2015

Your NBA DFS Primer Part II: Determining What Positions Matter


Now that you know the basics to playing NBA DFS, let’s delve a little deeper. After all, that’s what we do here at RotoViz. Today I’d like to discuss the different NBA positions, and give some insight as to which ones you should pay up for, where you should look

Todd Gurley ADP
23 Oct 2015

DraftKings Week 7 Play of the Week


Each week this season, a group of RotoViz writers will offer their DraftKings Play of the Week.

22 Oct 2015

NBA Fantasy Coverage: The Atlantic Division Preview


RotoViz…come for the NFL, stay for the NBA. As we ramp up our coverage of basketball, here’s a preseason primer for the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division.

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21 Oct 2015

Joe 2 Pro: DFS Week 6 Recap and Week 7 Cash Game Strategy


Week 6 Recap In Week 6, I made a few last second decisions on DraftKings that ended up costing me a lot money. On FanDuel, I actually won $223.

20 Oct 2015

Diary of a DFS Novice: FanDuel Week 6


Sometimes when you play DFS, you  have to be happy with just a minimal gain. That’s exactly what happened this week, as I thought my teams were a disaster pretty early in the day. Looks like we’ll have a lot to discuss today in the recap.

19 Oct 2015

Your NBA DFS Primer Part I: The Basics


If you are reading the headline and feel slightly confused because you thought RotoViz was your secret weapon for fantasy football (and NASCAR), fret not. RotoViz WILL be providing excellent daily fantasy content for BASKETBALL this season, and you definitely will not want to miss any of it. But just