jerry rice
26 Aug 2016

Using Air Yards to Better Predict Receiving Yards


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing fantasy footballers that efficiency is useful. Unless you are talking about quarterbacks, I can’t really think of a good efficiency metric. When you test them to see if they predict anything, you always find that they come crashing back to

air yards
22 Aug 2016

Air Yards and Air Yards Per Target: Completing the WR Picture


If wide receiver were a sex position it would be reverse cowgirl. It’s simultaneously the most fun and also extremely productive, birthing league championships for those who make it their focus.

08 Aug 2016

Why Zero RB Works: Quantifying Positional Injury Rates


Training camp is finally here. In a few weeks we’ll even have actual football. I’m pretty damn excited. Yet alongside all the noise and activity that accompanies this time of year there’s also a wretched, unshakable sense of impending doom.

DFS Contrarian
12 Jul 2016

Monte Carlo Strategies to Win 2016 MFL10s – Part I


Editor’s note: This is one of two Monte Carlo simulation articles aimed at solving the best-ball puzzle, each using different assumptions. We believe doing so gives a good idea of the range of possible outcomes. For the other article by Nick Giffen (@RotoDoc), click here.

02 Jun 2016

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Zero RB Universe


So long and thanks for all the fish. – Douglas Adams When Zero RB, Antifragility, and the Myth of Value-Based Drafting came out in November 2013, I certainly had no idea of what was about to follow. Now with the debut of Fantasyland’s Zero RB episode,

02 May 2016

The Odds of Rookie Draft Picks Hitting


Everybody claims they can draft better than the rest of their league. We all do it.

29 Mar 2015

Testing The Bigger Is Better Hypothesis For Wide Receiver Production


  A lot has been written here and elsewhere about wide receiver size, and whether big wide receivers are more productive than smaller WRs. We know that heavier WRs tend to accrue more yards than their lighter counterparts, even after controlling for draft position. We also know that WRs taller

09 Oct 2014

The Correlation Matrix that Answers Every Question You’ve Ever Had About DFS Stacking


Got a little overdramatic with the title of this article but I wanted to really go for it. Truth be told, you might still have questions after reading this post. In fact, you might have more questions… anyhoo… One of the things that’s common to hear in DFS related discussion is

22 Sep 2014

Fantasy Football Command Center: How I Manage, Balance My Scores of Fantasy Squads

25 Aug 2014

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Injury Proneness from Our In-house Orthopedic Surgeon