17 Mar 2017

The RotoViz Glossary: Antifragility To Zero RB – The A Through Z Of Being A Fantasy Football Nerd


This glossary is an index of frequently used RotoViz terminology.

31 Jan 2017

Fantasy Football Writing for Fun and Profit


This is the time of year when the “I want to be a fantasy writer” itch starts, and perhaps you’re wondering how to scratch it. The RotoViz writers took some time out of their busy schedules to give you their thoughts.

29 Mar 2015

Testing The Bigger Is Better Hypothesis For Wide Receiver Production


  A lot has been written here and elsewhere about wide receiver size, and whether big wide receivers are more productive than smaller WRs. We know that heavier WRs tend to accrue more yards than their lighter counterparts, even after controlling for draft position. We also know that WRs taller

22 Sep 2014

Fantasy Football Command Center: How I Manage, Balance My Scores of Fantasy Squads

25 Aug 2014

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Injury Proneness from Our In-house Orthopedic Surgeon

29 Jun 2014

Risky Business: On Blind Risk Seeking, Josh Gordon, and Risk Adjusted Returns

26 Jun 2014

The Play-Calling Contrarians: Which NFL Coaches Deviate from the Norm?

29 May 2014

Predicting QB draft position: Developing a model, and testing it against the 2014 draft

03 May 2014

The CIA, the NFL, and Using Data Driven Models to Make Good Predictions

27 Apr 2014

Film & Metrics: Two Pieces of the Same Puzzle