13 Apr 2017

Structural Drafting in Dynasty Leagues


Where do our edges in fantasy football come from? Some believe a sustainable edge comes from player evaluation. Put another way, this is the theory that you can win by being better at picking the right players more often than your competitors.

03 Apr 2017

Deshaun Watson, Mitchell Trubisky and the Importance of Sample Size


I was happy to see Rotoworld’s Josh Norris recognize the importance of sample size while recently predicting that the analytical wizards with the Cleveland Browns will prefer Deshaun Watson to Mitchell Trubisky come draft day. 

rookie rb
29 Mar 2017

Should You Discount Pro Day Results? Not So Fast!


Let’s play a game.

rookie rb
27 Mar 2017

Foreman, Fournette and Mixon Lead the 2017 RB Success Model


We have roughly a month until the 2017 NFL draft, when we will learn where our favorite (or not so favorite) prospects will land this coming season. While draft position and landing spot are huge factors for forecasting the success of any running back prospect, I’ve found that we can

23 Mar 2017

The 2017 QB Prospect Model: Draft Deshaun Watson at Your Own Peril


Last year I created a model to predict quarterback success at the NFL level for prospects. The model was useful in that it helped identify traits that transfer to the NFL level, but it was certainly overfit and didn’t bring in enough data. I’ve updated the model for

17 Mar 2017

The RotoViz Glossary: Antifragility To Zero RB – The A Through Z Of Being A Fantasy Football Nerd


This glossary is an index of frequently used RotoViz terminology.

07 Mar 2017

4 Ways Fantasy Football is Just Like Investing


Outside of fantasy football, my main hobby is investing. It feels like I spend an equally absurd amount of time reading about that subject as I do fantasy football. Then again, it’s hard to say for sure because it’s easy to lose track of which subject I’m actually reading about

31 Jan 2017

So, You Want to be a Writer?


This is the time of year when the “I want to be a fantasy writer” itch starts, and perhaps you’re wondering how to scratch it. The RotoViz writers took some time out of their busy schedules to give you their thoughts.

24 Jan 2017

RotoViz 101: Which NFL Team Stats Are Predictive (And Which Aren’t)?


In this series of posts I’ll discuss which of the various box score and advanced stats forecasters should pay attention to when projecting teams and players into the upcoming season.

Todd Gurley
12 Jan 2017

Is it Time to Scrap Zero RB?


Zero RB appears to be in trouble, and its creator saw it coming. Last August in an article about the 2016 Apex Expert’s League, Shawn Siegele wrote the following about the impending decline of Zero RB as the top fantasy drafting strategy: