05 Jul 2016

2 Heavily Discounted Wide Receivers to Target in 2016


If you sat down and made a list of items in life that are worth paying top dollar for, the list would be fairly short. Whiskey, cigars, cookware and companionship (if you’re into that kind of thing) would be about it.  The same goes for fantasy football.

14 Mar 2016

Scene Two For Mohamed Sanu


While most were focusing on free agent wide receiver Marvin Jones, I had my eye on another wide out that was flying way under the radar. He is a guy that, according to Twitter, no one wants and/or believes in. He was the third receiving option on his team for

24 Feb 2016

The Value Of The Throw-In Dynasty Rookie Pick


In most dynasty leagues, the months leading up to the NFL draft are spent posturing for the incoming season. Owners are weighing their options as they evaluate rosters and contemplate if they are a true contender or whether they need to burn the whole damn thing down. As dynasty owners,

29 Jun 2015

Walking A Fine Line With Jordy Nelson


Age plays an immense factor in dynasty value. Perhaps too much of a factor, causing owners to make ill-advised moves out of fear of holding a player too long and not being able to recoup any value due to declining production. But there is always a grey area when the

18 Jun 2015

3 Fantasy Wide Receivers To Stash

02 Jun 2015

You Should Target Owen Daniels and Fade Virgil Green in 2015