Team Wins
18 May 2017

Using Sabermetrics to Project 2017 NFL Team Wins


Earlier this offseason I looked at which teams got lucky in 2016 from a sabermetrics perspective regarding won-loss record. Using each team’s Pythagorean win percentage, we can use their 2017 schedules to give an estimate of wins for each team in 2017.

NFL Draft Marlon Mack
16 May 2017

3 Rookies We’ve Ranked Too Low


We just released our 2017 Post-Draft rookie rankings, where 23 RotoViz contributors ranked the rookies 1-50 (or even deeper in some cases). The composite rankings are great because the provide a bit of a wisdom of the crowd approach to rookie ranks.

13 May 2017

NASCAR DFS Kansas Picks, Ownership and Race Projections


After another GPP winning weekend for me, I’m excited for the NASCAR DFS Kansas slate — our first night race of the year. As usual I’ll give my picks, points projections, and ownership projections for Saturday night’s race.

QB Success Model
09 May 2017

The Post-Draft 2017 QB Success Model


Earlier this offseason I created the new and improved version of my QB success model. The QB success model uses several machine learning techniques to find the important variables in predicting QB success and in the implementation of the success classification itself. I’ve updated the results with the actual

NASCAR DFS Talladega
07 May 2017

NASCAR DFS Talladega Picks, Ownership and Race Projections


Nick Giffen, AKA @RotoDoc is a Ph.D in mathematics, a two-time qualifier for the DraftKings NASCAR Main Event, and placed 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th in the $125k DFS tournament for The Clash at Daytona, which is at a restrictor plate much like this weekend’s NASCAR DFS Talladega slate.

02 May 2017

2017 NFL Draft Reaction: A Look at Joe Williams on the 49ers


Joe Williams was taken by the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth round of this year’s NFL Draft at pick 121 overall. The 49ers traded up to get Williams, giving up their 143rd and 161st overall picks to the Indianapolis Colts, who would later pick physically and athletically similar running

29 Apr 2017

NASCAR DFS Richmond Picks, Ownership and Race Projections


This week NASCAR is at Richmond. As always I’ll give you my NASCAR DFS Richmond picks and machine learning projections, along with ownership percentage projections.

Amara Darboh
29 Apr 2017

2017 NFL Draft Reaction: Amara Darboh Goes to the Seattle Seahawks


Amara Darboh was drafted 106th overall by the Seattle Seahawks. Darboh’s immediate opportunity isn’t clear. Despite Kevin Cole’s opportunity scores showing Seattle as the seventh most desirable landing spot for wide receivers, Charles Kleinheksel’s air yards available metric shows Seattle is only the 18th most desirable landing spot. Before we

22 Apr 2017

NASCAR DFS Bristol Picks, Ownership and Race Projections


After a week off, NASCAR is back for Bristol baby! As always I’ll give you my NASCAR DFS Bristol picks and machine learning projections. Also, we have all new features.

Rushing Efficiency
20 Apr 2017

Who Led the League in Rushing Efficiency in 2016?


A few weeks ago I looked at 2016’s most efficient pass catchers, both from a raw perspective, as well as from a depth-adjusted perspective. Now it’s time to dive into the ball carriers that led the league in rushing efficiency. First I’ll just start with raw production,