South Alabama TE Gerald Everett
29 Apr 2017

2017 NFL Draft Reaction : Gerald Everett Goes to the Los Angeles Rams


With the 44th overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams selected former South Alabama tight end Gerald Everett in an attempt to give last year’s first overall pick Jared Goff more offensive weapons.

20 Apr 2017

Going Down? MFL10 ADP Fallers – April 19th


We are more than halfway through the month of April, and with the NFL draft mere days away, the act of Best Ball roster construction continues at a pace. With free agency essentially at an end, the next time the NFL landscape will truly shift will be after the bunting

rookie te rankings
19 Apr 2017

O.J. Howard – A Surefire NFL Stud?


While the likes of David Njoku, Evan Engram and Gerald Everett have moved up and down draft boards (apparently) since the evaluation process began, one player has remained firmly atop the tight end charts and firmly a top-10 selection. That player is Alabama TE O.J. Howard. After a glittering college

13 Apr 2017

Evan Engram – A Can’t Miss from Ole Miss?


While most tight end prospects actually play the position on occasion…well, most of the time, really…Ole Miss TE Evan Engram spent most of his college career as a matchup nightmare all over the formation.

12 Apr 2017

David Njoku – The Latest Star from Tight End U?


The University of Miami has been the proving ground for a host of tight end prospects before they entered the pros, with the likes of Jeremy Shockey, Greg Olsen and Jimmy Graham passing through Coral Gables. With that in mind, may I present David Njoku.

Image credit to SL Tribune
10 Apr 2017

Donnel Pumphrey – The Little Back that Might?


Perusing the twitter dot com the other day, as I’m wont to do most days, I happened upon a tweet from Turon Davenport regarding a 2017 running back prospect that I admit I had not paid much attention to, namely Donnel Pumphrey.

Jonnu Smith
07 Apr 2017

Jonnu Smith – The Best Tight End No One is Talking About?


Listeners to the Numbers Game podcast will have heard Nick Giffen and Josh Hermsmeyer talking about a series of articles that Phil Watkins recently pumped out on his tight end prospect model. If you haven’t listened to the latest Numbers Game, I’ll happily sit and wait…you all

Jordan Leggett
06 Apr 2017

Jordan Leggett – Does this Tiger Have Enough Roar?


Continuing our look at the tight end prospects of 2017, our gaze falls now upon Jordan Leggett. The former Clemson Tiger, coming off a National Championship victory this past season, is set to join such illustrious alumni as Sammy Watkins, DeAndre Hopkins and Martavis Bryant in leaping into the NFL. But

05 Apr 2017

Going Down? MFL10 ADP Fallers – April 4


“The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.” – Vince Lombardi

South Alabama TE Gerald Everett
03 Apr 2017

Gerald Everett – Another TE Gem in the 2017 Tight End Class?


With most experts confidently predicting a first round selection for former Alabama tight end O.J. Howard in the upcoming NFL draft, it is important to remember that Howard is not the only ruby in the mountain of rocks when it comes to the TE position this year. Several of the