16 Aug 2017

Ryan Mathews – 3 Places He Could Matter


After finally being released by the Philadelphia Eagles, former first-round pick Ryan Mathews finds himself on the free market. Despite suffering a serious neck injury late in the 2016 season, the former Chargers running back is set on continuing his NFL career. What does he have to offer

10 Aug 2017

Rising Into The Dart Throw Zone


The 2017 NFL season is another week closer, and that means that we are another week closer to the end of MFL10 draft season. This week, as we take a look at players who have experienced a rise in popularity in their ADP, we find that the players in question

07 Aug 2017

Can Jay Cutler Invigorate the Miami Pass-Catchers?


With Ryan Tannehill out for the season, what does Jay Cutler’s arrival mean for Miami?

03 Aug 2017

Injury Impact: Ryan Tannehill


Another day, another starting NFL player suffering an apparently serious injury. After Sterling Shepard and Will Fuller spent time with their team’s medical staff on Wednesday, Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill decided he really wanted to see what went on inside the team medical facilities on Thursday.

02 Aug 2017

Injury Impact: Sterling Shepard and Will Fuller


No one wants to go to work and be bored, but team medical staff probably hope and wish for quiet days at the office on the whole. Sadly, this was not the case for the trainers for the New York Giants and Houston Texans on Wednesday. Both teams saw injuries

Devin Funchess
02 Aug 2017

MFL10 ADP Snapshot – The Fallers


Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends…except this one will. MFL10s are drawing to a close, so if Best Ball is your bag you better fire up those drafts. Here is our weekly look at players who have experienced recent drops in popularity. Included are a brace

Charles Clay
25 Jul 2017

Charles Clay Can Help You Build a League Winner


Assuming you don’t go gaga for Rob Gronkowski this year, and if the asking price for Travis Kelce is just too high for you, you’ll probably find yourself waiting until late in your draft to address the tight end spot. This is no bad thing, and don’t let anyone tell

Tyrell Williams
20 Jul 2017

What Has Tyrell Williams Done to Offend You?


Many of those reading this will not have had the pleasure of actually meeting me, so let me offer you this. I cannot stand to see people isolated in social situations. If someone is new to a group, I will make it my business to go and talk to them,

19 Jul 2017

MFL10 ADP Snapshot July 17th – The Risers


Back once again like a renegade master, here are the players who’ve enjoyed a surge in popularity in Best Ball leagues over the last two weeks. The ADP data is courtesy of the RotoViz Best Ball ADP app and covers the two week period July 1st to July 15th. Let’s

17 Jul 2017

Derrick Henry and The Case of the Overpriced Handcuff


Bad football players don’t tend to win the Heisman Trophy. Derrick Henry managed to do this during his time at Alabama. He is a very talented young running back and is itching to become a fantasy superstar. But this is not going to happen in 2017, so I cannot understand