golladay niu
27 Mar 2017

Kenny Golladay – The Big Guy From a Small School


There is John Ross, Cory Davis, JuJu Schuster-Smith…there is even Cooper Kupp. Wide receiver is an intriguing position group in this year’s draft, with a host of players expected to go off the boards early. Productive players can be had later in the draft, and one name to consider is

21 Mar 2017

Going Down? MFL10 ADP Fallers


“I rise…you fall!” Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, “Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen”

14 Mar 2017

Time to Consider Bucky Hodges for Your Stockpile of Rookie Picks


With many eyes on Alabama tight end O.J. Howard at the NFL Scouting Combine last week, the rest of that position group did its very best to make sure that scouts, evaluators, and casual observers noticed them. One player in particular did a fine job of elevating his name to

13 Mar 2017

Historical Comps for Derrick Henry’s Rookie Season


In another look at the rookie season for notable running backs in 2016, we come to the 2015 Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans. Let’s take a look and see how his first year in the pros compared to other rookies of recent years.

Jordan Howard 2
13 Mar 2017

Historical Comps for Jordan Howards’ Rookie Season


Continuing my look at rookie running backs, and comparing them to recent players at the same position, attention now turns to the Windy City, and Jordan Howard of the Chicago Bears.

08 Mar 2017

Historical Comps for Rob Kelley’s Rookie Season


After casting a weathered eye over Ezekiel Elliott last time out, we stay in the NFC East to look historical comparisons to the rookie season of Washington Redskins running back Rob Kelley.

08 Mar 2017

Historical Comps for Devontae Booker’s Rookie Season


Continuing our look back at rookie running backs from 2016, we come to Denver Broncos RB Devontae Booker. How did Booker’s first year in the NFL compare with other recent RBs? Let’s take a look.

Ezekiel Elliott
06 Mar 2017

Historical Comps for Ezekiel Elliott’s Rookie Season


Charles Kleinheksel has covered rookie wide receivers, I’ve brought you tight ends and quarterbacks. Completing the journey, we move on to first year running backs. And who better to begin with than the reigning NFL rushing leader, Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys?

Dak Prescott
03 Mar 2017

Historical Comps for Dak Prescott’s Rookie Season


After checking out the historical comps for two early-draft-pick quarterbacks, the focus of my attention now shifts to a player taken in the fourth round of the draft last May, namely Dak Prescott of the Cowboys. The man who Drew Bledsoe‘d Tony Romo, who ironically Drew Bledsoe’d Drew

Jared Goff
01 Mar 2017

Historical Comps for Jared Goff’s Rookie Season


After looking at recent comps for the second overall pick in last years draft, it is only fair that now my attention should turn to the player taken directly ahead of him, namely Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff.