09 May 2018

FFPC Rookie Draft Strategy


When devising a strategy for how to attack upcoming high-stakes fantasy rookie drafts, the first bit of advice may sound familiar: Take Saquon Barkley with the top pick.

Ezekiel Elliott
28 Dec 2017

High Stakes Journal: Week 16 Sweat


It’s funny to consider the absurdity of this hobby sometimes. Elation and agony, all tied up in some arbitrary set of rules that assign number values to yards gained, balls caught, and touchdowns scored, which are linked to a sport all with its own arcane regulations and idiosyncrasies.

22 Dec 2017

High Stakes Journal: Heart Palpitations and the Longest Week in Fantasy


On any given Sunday of NFL football, it’s pretty common for my iPhone to chime repeatedly with messages from the three other guys with whom I share our FFPC Main Event high-stakes fantasy football team. What’s not common is for me to field fantasy-related text messages from my

12 Dec 2017

High Stakes Journal: A Weird, Wild Week 14


We could sit here and debate all day about whether it’s better strategy to take advantage of the FFPC’s weighted tight end scoring by grabbing a top guy early, or if you should draft a high-upside guy later, or if you should just stream until you find a starter, or

04 Dec 2017

High Stakes Journal: Monty Phan Enters FFPC Playoffs in 1st Place


Long time RotoViz reader and high stakes star Monty Phan shares his story about the 2017 FFPC regular season.