27 Jun 2017

Fantasy Face-Off: Theo Riddick vs. Paul Perkins


In this Fantasy Face-Off, I debate Cort Smith on the topic of Theo Riddick vs. Paul Perkins. I’m here to tell you why Riddick is the clearly better choice.

marvin jones
21 Jun 2017

Fantasy Face-Off: Marvin Jones vs. Kenny Britt


In this Fantasy Face-off, Jeremy Marin and I debate Marvin Jones and Kenny Britt.

19 Jun 2017

A Deep-(ish) Dive Into Scott Fish Bowl Scoring


One of the most intriguing elements in the annual Scott Fish Bowl is the ever-changing scoring system. This year, Scott Fish made a point to completely overhaul last year’s scoring. Goodbye point per reception and point per carry, and hello point per first down!

RotoViz Mock Auction
03 Jun 2017

Who Benefits From the Release of Jeremy Maclin


As announced by their team twitter page, the Kansas City Chiefs have released veteran wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. 

15 May 2017

Three Late Round RBs to Own When Going Zero RB


If you’ve been reading RotoViz for any significant amount of time, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Shawn Siegele’s Zero RB article. And while some may disagree after the 2016 “RB revival,” zero RB is a viable strategy in MFL10s, but it requires you to find consistent production in the

04 May 2017

Don’t Go Chasing TD Rate: Avoid Donte Moncrief Early


Chasing touchdowns can be a tempting proposition especially when playing in a best-ball format, but trying to profit by chasing past TD rate is a tenuous proposition, at best. After finishing 2016 with a 12.5 percent TD Rate, Donte Moncrief is a risky pick at the top of the fifth round.

QB Success Model
01 May 2017

2017 NFL Draft Recap – AFC North Edition


And with that, the 2017 NFL draft is complete and we can move on from pre-draft speculation based on mock drafts, to assessment of player fit. We can officially move on from projecting draft capital to projecting fantasy impact, or in many cases, lack thereof.

29 Apr 2017

2017 NFL Draft Reaction: Brian Hill Goes to the Atlanta Falcons


Brian Hill was drafted 156 overall by the Atlanta Falcons. His arrival adds depth to a Falcons offense that already features two highly-productive running backs. One of our favorite players pre-draft, Hill is likely to be buried on the depth chart during his first season.

zay jones
29 Apr 2017

2017 NFL Draft Reaction: Zay Jones Goes to the Buffalo Bills


Zay Jones was drafted No. 37 overall by the Buffalo Bills. Now on a receiver needy team, Jones just saw his value increase in a hurry.

29 Mar 2017

If Not For the Highlight Drops, Ted Ginn Would Get Really Expensive


When Brandin Cooks was traded to the Patriots, a clear role was opened up within the Saints offense and “coincidentally,” in the weeks prior to the trade, they had signed a wide receiver fully capable of filling the Cooks void, Ted Ginn.