06 Sep 2018

GLSP and Using the Optimal DFS Lineup App for Week 1


While RotoViz already provides excellent projection tools like the GLSP and the Weekly Explorer from FFDraftPrep, putting all that information together to come up with an optimal DFS lineup is still not easy. The Optimal DFS Lineup app will allow you to compute the optimal DFS lineup using our projections and

Rest of Season RB Ranks
31 Aug 2018

Computing the Optimal Draft Part 2: Using the App for Draft Weekend


Kevin’s previous article was a reader favorite and computed an optimal draft from each of the 12 slots. Now he’s making it possible for you to compute the results for yourself. Just in time for draft weekend, he discusses how to use the Optimal Draft App.

18 Aug 2018

Computing an Optimal Draft with RotoViz Tiers


We talk a lot about high-level draft strategies like Zero RB here at RotoViz, but on draft day, you also need to adapt your strategy to the value available from particular players. For example, if you know about a likely WR2 who will be available in the ninth round, then it makes sense

DFS Contrarian
17 Jul 2017

My Favorite Dynasty Buy Low: Tyreek Hill


Like many RotoViz writers, I take a heavily numbers-based approach to fantasy football. In dynasty, whenever I get new ADP, is to compare current prices to expected prices, which I estimate using projections for next year and age. Large discrepancies between those two give me a set of players to

26 Jun 2017

4 WRs I Like More Than RotoViz


Contributing to the RotoViz staff projections for the first time this year was a daunting prospect for me. There are over a hundred wide receivers alone about which we needed to make accurate estimates of fantasy points.

07 Mar 2017

4 Ways Fantasy Football is Just Like Investing


Outside of fantasy football, my main hobby is investing. It feels like I spend an equally absurd amount of time reading about that subject as I do fantasy football. Then again, it’s hard to say for sure because it’s easy to lose track of which subject I’m actually reading about

06 Mar 2017

3 More Ways Fantasy Football is Just Like Investing


In my last article, I discussed four ways in which fantasy football is just like investing. We left off by talking about the curious fact that, in general, as more people start to realize that a particular trade is a good idea, the less it actually is a good idea. That happens

draft strategy
30 Jan 2017

What is the Best Draft Strategy for My Mental Health?


While I had a great many things to be thankful for this holiday season, luck from the fantasy gods did not feel like one of them. It was a deeply frustrating season that was terrible for my mental health, as my dreams of the fantasy playoffs were dashed for the majority

Vincent Jackson
18 Jul 2016

Easy Ways to Exploit the Youth Premium in Dynasty


To a new dynasty player, the most glaring difference from redraft is probably the enormous premium put on youth. The corresponding discount available on old players is so stark that you could skip the first three rounds of a startup draft and probably still put together a respectable redraft team.

16 Jun 2016

4 Reasons I’d Rather Own Thomas Rawls Than C.J. Prosise


I was very excited about C.J. Prosise going into the NFL draft. Like many RotoViz readers, his name was in bold on my spreadsheets. Dreams of grabbing a little-known running back who would go on to fantasy stardom were dancing in my head. I was even more excited when my