31 May 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Draft “Your Guy” – Post-Decision Dissonance in Fantasy Football


You know that feeling when you finally get to take the player you’ve been eyeing up all off-season? That rush of getting “your guy.” You can see your future together, all of the championships you will win, the laughs, the tears. Let that go. Stop caring so much about the

Adam Thielen
12 Mar 2018

5 Receivers Who Will Stop the WR1 Apocalypse in 2018


In The Decline of the Star Wide Receiver, I looked at some league-wide trends that caused the worst season for the top-12 WRs in nearly a decade. In this unofficial Part 2, I’ll look at a few other footnotes that played into the great wide receiver recession and identify potential

Michael Thomas
20 Feb 2018

Decline of the WR1 – How 2017 Was Different Than 2016 and Why It Matters


2017 took many great people from us far too soon: Mary Tyler Moore, Adam West, and the Stud Wide Receiver all passed. The 2017 season saw the lowest average PPR points by a top 12 wide receiver in over a decade. But why?