07 Jul 2016

Delanie Walker Could Lead The League In Targets


This article is part of a series about players who could lead the league in targets.

Allen Hurns
05 Jul 2016

Breaking Down The Fantasy Efficiency App


The Fantasy Efficiency App is one of my favorite apps here at Rotoviz. The app does a really great job of showing which players might be doing more with less, as well as which player’s value may be propped up by the great opportunity they’re seeing.

21 Jun 2016

Three Late Round Picks To Win Your MFL10s


Early picks in fantasy drafts are important, but the winners hit on the late-round picks that greatly outproduce their cost. Late-round picks don’t get the same attention the early-round selections do, but there are certainly some ADPs to exploit in best-ball formats this season. Here are my favorite late-round picks

06 Jun 2016

Mike Mularkey Says Dorial Green-Beckham Is a Fantasy WR1


There’s no better way to locate severely under drafted fantasy players than to use coaching tendencies to find players who could see a lot more opportunity than others are predicting. It is certainly a more effective way than trying to guess which guys will have career years based on things

09 Sep 2015

Willie Snead Is the Saints Third Best WR


During the preseason there’s been a decent amount of talk in the fantasy community about the battle for the Saints third wideout spot and Brandon Coleman. Coleman was named in Shawn Siegele’s Top 15  Dynasty Deep Sleepers For 2015, and Heith Krueger knighted him a wideout flying under the radar. Looking at preseason play

31 Aug 2015

4 Ragrets: Players I Wish I Drafted More In MFL10s


This is my first season really diving into the MFL10 format. I didn’t go crazy, but I did draft 10 leagues, which I consider a decent amount. In no way am I an expert on best ball leagues, but I think I have a solid grasp on the format thanks

26 Aug 2015

Gronk, Mike Evans, and More Ideas to Dominate Your League in 2015


Every offseason fantasy drafters uncover a few favorite players. These are the guys we keep an eye on during drafts and take a little earlier than ADP suggests just to make sure they’re on our roster. We plant our flags in the sand next to these guys and couldn’t care less if

06 Aug 2015

What Does Arian Foster’s Injury Mean For DeAndre Hopkins?


Arian Foster tore his groin off the bone. Once you’re done cringing we’ve got some thinking on DeAndre Hopkins‘ fantasy value to do. Foster is expected to be out until week 10 at the earliest. Even then he might not be ready to go. RotoViz has been talking up Hopkins often

03 Aug 2015

The Second Round Pick You Can’t Afford To Miss


This piece was really inspired by Shawn Siegele’s piece projecting Sam Bradford to throw 50 touchdowns. After reading that article I immediately thought of Mike Evans as a guy who, just like Bradford, has a chance to really burn up fantasy leagues if a few things bounce his way. Evans was,

30 Jul 2015

4 Wide Receivers Who Will Score More Touchdowns in 2015


For our veteran RotoViz audience this piece probably looks familiar, but for subscribers who are entering their first season with us I actually put together a 2014 version of this piece, part one here and part two here, that I thought was simple, and actionable. There’s a ton of luck in football and it’s extremely hard