perfect fantasy draft
13 Feb 2017

Go Big or Go Home: MFL10 QBs


I took a stab at predicting MFL10 QB ADP and highlighted the weak relationship between win rate and how late teams waited on quarterback. No quarterback drafted outside the top-153 picks had a positive win rate (anything over 10 percent) but the overall relationship between QB ADP and team success

06 Feb 2017

Predicting MFL10 QB ADP


Some will say I’m a dreamer, but others will simply say I was right. Last year, I proclaimed the death of late-round QB for MFL10 bestball drafts, writing in May:

01 Aug 2016

This “Sleeper” QB is Actually a Terrible Pick


You didn’t hear this from me, but Jay Cutler might secretly be a terrible pick this year. So you know that I am both a hypocrite and prone to bad predictions, I will admit I called Jay Cutler a value pick last offseason.

23 May 2016

Kirk Cousins Shows Improvement, but His ADP Falls


Source: Kirk Cousins Wants To Take Next Step With Ownership Of Offense – “Just taking another step in terms of my command, confidence, I think is stuff that maybe the fans won’t be able to see directly,” Cousins said . . . of what he wants to

16 May 2016

The Overlooked MFL10-Winning QB


Every good superhero hides behind a mask. They conceal their true identity from all except their most trusted circle of friends and family, so that only a few know just how special they really are.

Aaron Rodgers
09 May 2016

Late Round QB is the New Black


These early months of 2016 are unlike anything we have seen in fantasy football history. The entire community has begun to wait on quarterback. Late round QB is sweeping the nation.

07 Mar 2016

3 Overlooked QBs for Your MFL10 Drafts


In 2015 best-ball leagues, the best quarterback picks1 were the ones who regularly put together QB1 weeks. Seven top-12 weeks was the important threshold for the 2015 season, and it was a necessary condition to make the top-10 quarterback list, based on team average finish. Working off of that finding,

15 Feb 2016

Volatility and Quarterback Projections


Last week, Charles Kleinheksel showed us tight end volatility projections, Ben Gretch gave us wide receivers, and Aaron Butler broke down the running backs. Jonathan Bales devised the volatility score methodology in the early RotoViz years. Those scores provide a quick picture of how risky — or reliable — a

perfect fantasy draft
08 Feb 2016

Best MFL10 QBs of 2015


As MFL10 bestball drafts kick off this week, there is no better time to dig into last year’s results and search for lessons we should learn and apply to 2016 drafts.

free agency
01 Feb 2016

Go Big or Go Home: Quarterbacks in 2015 MFL10 Drafts


In 2015, quarterback ADP had a minimal impact on MFL10 success. With the exception of soul-crushing performances from overdrafted QBs Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck, ADP had nearly no correlation to MFL10 win rate or average finish.