28 Mar 2017

Visualizing Market Share And Age: 2017 Wide Receivers, Summary View


Market share and player age are very important factors to consider when projecting wide receivers from college to the NFL. RotoViz has done some great work highlighting the importance of these pieces of information on a prospect’s outlook as a pro (see Kevin Cole’s work using decision trees and Jon Moore’s

Tom Brady Combine
20 Feb 2017

Visualizing 16 Years Of NFL Combine Data


It’s NFL combine time! In the spirit of the season, and building on the rich history of both pre-draft scouting and data visualization here at RotoViz, I took a look at historical trends in several combine metrics, focusing specifically on offensive skill position players.

RotoViz Mock Auction
15 Aug 2016

RotoViz Mock Auction 2016: Complete Results And Strategic Insights


The Setup Mock auction drafts can be a great way to gauge players’ values and test out different budget allocation strategies, but really: they can be a huge pain in the ass. They take FOREVER, because nobody thinks to bid in more than $1 increments and always as the auction

09 Aug 2016

Which NFL Coaches Give Rookies The Most Market Share?


Predicting the performance of a player in the NFL with any degree of accuracy is challenging, which is why most of us aren’t DFS millionaires right now. Predicting how a rookie will perform in his first NFL season is even more difficult, given the relative lack of historical

03 Sep 2015

12 Writers Dish on the RotoViz Writers Auction


Let’s Get it Started – Mike Beers Countless articles on fantasy football strategy have been published this summer, and I would take the under on one percent of them being dedicated to auction drafts. At their core, standard drafts and auction drafts are both about the same thing: constructing a

29 Mar 2015

Testing The Bigger Is Better Hypothesis For Wide Receiver Production


  A lot has been written here and elsewhere about wide receiver size, and whether big wide receivers are more productive than smaller WRs. We know that heavier WRs tend to accrue more yards than their lighter counterparts, even after controlling for draft position. We also know that WRs taller

27 Mar 2015

Is It Riddick-ulous To Expect A Breakout for Theo Riddick?


I really want to see Theo Riddick be successful. He plays for the Detroit Lions, my favorite team. He was a sixth round pick in 2013, so he’s got that underdog thing going for him. His huge performances in weeks 6 and 8 last year really helped out a few of

27 Mar 2015

Denard Robinson Fantasy Update: Is He a Player to Target in 2015?


  I’ll be honest: when I saw Denard Robinson playing quarterback at the University of Michigan, I never thought he looked like a QB. He was scary fast and elusive, but he was tiny! At the 2013 Combine, he measured 5 feet 10inches and 199 pounds., which would have made

25 Mar 2015

NFL Combine in Context: Summary of Measurables, 2010-2015



11 Aug 2014

Analyzing the RB Depth Charts So You Don’t Have To: AFC North