07 Dec 2018

Alex Smith Injury Update


Alex Smith, Washington’s starting quarterback, suffered a broken tibia (shin bone) and fibula (small foreleg bone) during a Week 11 sack by the Texans. What does it mean for his future?

19 Nov 2018

Marcus Mariota Week 11 Injury Analysis


Marcus Mariota, the Titans’ starting quarterback, left Week 11’s game following an injury. Initial reports stated that he re-injured his throwing elbow, which had already suffered an ulnar nerve injury earlier this season. That initial injury made it difficult for him to grip and throw the football for

albert wilson 2
23 Oct 2018

Albert Wilson Injury Analysis


Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Budoff provides injury analysis for Albert Wilson. Wilson, a Miami Dolphins wide receiver, suffered a right hip subluxation Week 7. It was later reported that he also had a ‘significant injury’ to his hip’s labrum. So what does that mean?

17 Oct 2018

Jason Peters Injury Update


Jason Peters, Philadelphia’s left tackle, tore his biceps tendon Week 6 on Thursday night football. Upon announcement of this injury, the obvious question was asked: Is this a season-ending injury? The answer: It depends on whether he tore the biceps tendon at the elbow or at the shoulder.

Ezekiel Elliott
04 Oct 2018

Ezekiel Elliott Injury Update


Ezekiel Elliott, star running back for Dallas, got banged up in Weeek 4 and is now dealing with bursitis in his knee and an ankle injury. During the game, Elliott was spotted limping several times on the sidelines. Nonetheless, he still had an excellent game and is currently the NFL’s leading

28 Sep 2018

Anthony Miller Injury Update: Bleak Outlook for 2018


Injury insight from our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Budoff. Anthony Miller, Chicago’s rookie wide receiver, dislocated his left shoulder twice Week 3, as confirmed by head coach Matt Nagy.

New York Giants rookie Evan Engram
27 Sep 2018

Week 4 Injury Updates


Fantasy football injury insight from our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Budoff.

Doug Baldwin
11 Sep 2018

Doug Baldwin and Greg Olsen Injury Updates


Doug Baldwin, Seattle’s No. 1 wide receiver, was sidelined this preseason with what was probably an arthritic left knee condition. He said he was only at 80-85 percent, which has been seized upon by fantasy pundits, many of which lowered him significantly in their rankings beyond the usual “injury discount.”

05 Feb 2018

D’Onta Foreman Injury Update


During Week 11,1 D’Onta Foreman, the Texans promising rookie running back, tore his Achilles tendon. Many were expecting Foreman to greatly cut into Lamar Miller’s workload in 2018, possibly even supplanting him as the lead running back in the Houston backfield. The question then arises: how will this injury affect

Andrew Luck
29 Dec 2017

Andrew Luck’s Shoulder Injury: What You Need to Know


Those of you who listen to Tod Burros’ Run to Daylight Podcast have heard me talk about Andrew Luck’s shoulder ad nauseum.