14 Nov 2017

Dynasty Startup Mock: A Look at the Top 60 Players


We are a short six weeks away from the end of the fantasy season. While this is a bittersweet time for most, dynasty players should be excited about the prospect of upcoming startup drafts. To get a pulse on the shift in player values, we gathered a few RotoViz writers

08 Nov 2017

Buy Low Machine – A Deadline Double Episode


Welcome to the Week 10 Buy Low Report. We are inching ever closer to the trade deadline in most leagues. To help you best navigate the next few weeks, I have written up more players than I usually do. Whether you are a team currently looking for a short-term boost

01 Nov 2017

The Buy Low Report – Week 9


We are one week away from the trade deadline in most leagues. I will change the focus of this column after Week 10, so head on over to comments section to let me know what I should emphasize. Recently I asked what you’d like to see and got a fantastic

T.Y. Hilton
26 Oct 2017

The Buy Low Report – Week 8


Welcome to the Week 8 Buy Low Report where Hasan Rahim uses the Buy Low app and other RotoViz tools to help you make that playoff push.

Corey Davis 2
20 Oct 2017

Dynasty Watch: Time to Buy the Rookie WRs


Hello! This is Hasan Rahim filling in for series regular John Lapinski, who’s currently accompanying Metallica on their Speed of Sound tour as a roadie. In his absence, I’ll be taking a look at several rookies who’ve missed time due to injury and will try to forecast what their

18 Oct 2017

The Buy Low Report – Week 7


We are close to the halfway mark of the 2017 fantasy football season. Hopefully your teams all have winning records, and you’re likely to make the playoffs. If not, don’t worry as there’s plenty of time left to try and make up the deficit. Let’s try and identify several players you should

jarvis landry
11 Oct 2017

The Buy Low Report – Week 6


A rash of injuries to players like Odell Beckham offered a harsh reminder of the brutality of the NFL. Bye weeks are currently in full swing, and the waiver wire pickings are looking slim. Let’s try and find some assets that are mispriced. Welcome to the Week 6 Buy Low Report.

04 Oct 2017

The Buy Low Report – Week 5


Why, if it isn’t my old friend, Mr. McGreg. With a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg. – Doctor Nick Riviera (Homer’s Triple Bypass)

28 Sep 2017

The Buy Low Report – Week 4


Rejoice, for the Buy Low Machine App is now live!

20 Sep 2017

The Buy Low Report – Week 3


“Um… someday, I’d like to own the Dallas Cowboys.” – Homer Simpson (You Only Move Twice) Another week down, and we are left with more questions than answers. Scoring around the league is down, and several big name players aren’t living up to expectations. It’s likely that owners are panicking