10 Mar 2017

Relax, The Pierre Garcon Contract Is Not That Bad


Former Washington wide receiver Pierre Garcon will reunite with his former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco in 2017. After initially debuting with just speculative numbers, it was revealed the contract is a five-year deal worth approximately $47.5 million dollars. While many believe the 49ers were fleeced by this deal, the issue is

Ezekiel Elliott
23 Feb 2017

Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About Ezekiel Elliott


So many running back fantasy stats leave me craving more context. Yards per carry and total yards may not provide the whole picture or give you the proper glimpse into what coaches are thinking. Thus, I set out on this project to solve that very issue. I call it the RB Rundown,

draft strategy
22 Jun 2016

Stop Chasing What Could Be And Draft Easy Value With Danny Woodhead


As the saying goes, life is all about perception. We don’t view our environments through the scope of absolute value, but through our respective perceptions of value.

09 Jun 2016

The Fantasy Roast of Latavius Murray


Every year, there’s a running back in redraft leagues that is a fantasy dud hiding in plain sight. It was Trent Richardson in 2013, Chris Johnson in 2014, and Alfred Morris in 2015. These running backs were coming off seasons marked by highly inefficient play, but with a hefty workload that

image credit to Patrick Mansell
03 Jun 2016

Ameer Abdullah, Top Ten PPR Upside At A Rock Bottom Price


The rookie apple of many fantasy analysts’ eye, Ameer Abdullah fell short of meeting many owners’ lofty projections in 2015. 

25 Jan 2016

What Does Adam Gase Mean for the Miami Fantasy Football Options?


Last week on my podcast, The Fantasy Forefront, with fellow RotoViz author Anthony Amico, we talked about coaching changes. One change I’m enthusiastic about is in Miami.

09 Dec 2015

Week 13 Surprise Performances: Aberration or Trend?


Week 13 sealed the fate of many players playoff hopes. What a crazy week. From last second Hail Mary passes to Super Bowl champions losing to last place teams, there were a ton of surprises. There were also a bunch of surprise performances in fantasy football as well. I’m here to

02 Dec 2015

Week 12 Surprise Performances: Aberration or Trend?


Week 12 brought a ton of surprises. We had bottom-tier passing offenses scoring over 35 points, the Jaguars secondary resurrecting a passing offense left for dead, and a Monday night football ending that is sadly representative of the Cleveland Browns. However, were talking fantasy today and I’m hear to break down

25 Nov 2015

Week 11 Surprise Performances: Aberration or Trend?


Week 11 is wrapped up. Even at this point in the season, player situations are still evolving and changing as the season progresses. In this article, I will cover some of the surprise performances of the week to help you act with confidence with these situations as we inch closer to the

18 Nov 2015

Week 10 Surprise Performances: Aberration or Trend?


“Bizarro” week 2.0 in the NFL is over and there is a lot to talk about. While there were a ton of unexpected upsets over undefeated teams and division rivals, there were also several instances of players playing severely above and below expectations, including a player placing #1 overall on