09 Jun 2017

Are User-Defined Positions the Future of Fantasy Football?


I fully realize many of you reading this have either never played in an Individual Defensive Player (IDP) fantasy football format or have played it but just weren’t a fan. With that in mind, I want to reassure you that while what I propose in this article would greatly benefit

20 Jul 2016

The (W)Hole Story of Running Back Usage


Running Backs have lost some luster in fantasy circles in recent years. “Zero RB Theorem” proponents abound and it is now entirely possible to see fantasy drafts occur in which a running back isn’t even taken in the first round.

16 May 2015

Doomsday! Why Fantasy Running Backs Are Even Worse Off Than We Feared

image via flickr/ steve schar
11 May 2015

Separated at Birth? 5 Rookies and Their Athletic Profile Twins

25 Jan 2015

The Death of the Fantasy Running Back, and How We Can Save the Position from Extinction


After looking at the title of this article, my first at RotoViz, I’m sure more than a few of you said something like, “What in the world is this guy talking about,” and it’s understandable. Running backs are the single most drafted position in the first two rounds of any