18 Apr 2016

The Upside Late-Round QBs to Target in MFL Drafts


Engaging in an all-out chase for upside, while ill advised in some parts of your various fantasy drafts, remains a hallmark of the experienced late-round quarterback adherent.

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04 Apr 2016

Quarterbacks Whose MFL10 ADPs Make Me Mad Online


It’s me, the guy who managed to auto-draft Dan Orlovsky with the last pick of a recent MFL10, here to dispense takes on which quarterbacks have average draft positions that make me mad online. Now that I’ve cemented trust between us, dear reader, let me get right to the point.

13 May 2015

Tight End Streaming: Early 2015 Targets


I’m a streamer. I co-host a weekly in-season podcast called “Living The Stream,” I write weekly in-season articles on quarterback, tight end, and defensive streaming plays, Early Round Quarterback Twitter gives me blinding headaches, and I had a lovely little stream built in my backyard with the mountains of cash

20 Mar 2013

Andrew Luck: A Case Study in Similarity Score Red Flags