23 Mar 2018

Dynasty Rookies Are Free Money


Sharp dynasty owners will probably tell you that rookies are overrated and proven producers are the ones who’ll win you a title. Don’t listen to them.

Damien Williams
01 Nov 2017

Which Miami RB Should You Target?


When the Dolphins traded Jay Ajayi to Philadelphia, your first thought was probably, “What will this mean for Ajayi’s 2017 value?” Your second thought was probably, “Boy, I wish I hadn’t watched all of Stranger Things in the first 24 hours.” Somewhere around your tenth or twelfth thought was probably, “Hey, who’s

13 Oct 2017

Week 6 Roundtable: Exposing Frauds and Selecting Playoff MVPs


The RotoViz writers’ Slack chat is always full of football talk. Here are some highlights from this week.

Kareem Hunt 1
22 Sep 2017

Week 3 Rest-of-Season Mock


Unless you’re sending or receiving trade offers, there’s little impetus to consider player values after the fantasy football season begins. You set your lineup, make your waiver claims, and sweat it out from Thursday to Monday.

Marquise Goodwin
12 Sep 2017

Week 1 Roundtable Recap: Poopy Teams; Poopy Football


Welcome to the post-Week 1 roundtable. We’re taking a different format this week: it’s a free for all, and we’ll cover whatever pops into our head.

Via estenh
01 Sep 2017

Ezekiel Elliott Appeals; Where Do You Draft Him Now?


The NFLPA filed an arguably premature lawsuit on Thursday challenging the “imminent” ruling upholding an Ezekiel Elliott suspension.

30 Aug 2017

3 Bubble Players Who Would Be More Valuable on Another Team


NFL teams must cut down from 90 players to 53 on Saturday. Many of those released will latch onto another team, and a few of those will land in a better situation for fantasy football. Here are a few to watch (and perhaps add to your dynasty roster, if there’s

28 Aug 2017

The Hurry Up: Snag This SPARQ Star As Soon As Your Dynasty Waivers Open


The Hurry-Up keeps you up-to-date on the latest news through the filter of RotoViz tools and related content.

28 Aug 2017

RotoViz Roundtable: Roster Construction and Structural Drafting


It’s time for another RotoViz Roundtable. Welcome back! Last week we talked about rankings and projections; this week we’re tackling another staple of fantasy football drafting: roster construction and structural drafting.

28 Aug 2017

The Hurry Up: Stash this Hyper-Productive Bears Rookie


The Hurry Up keeps you up to date on the latest news through the filter of RotoViz tools and related content.