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03 Oct 2016

Is It Time to Panic?


I’ve never actually read Aron Ralston’s book “Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” where he recounts getting his arm stuck while rock climbing, and then having to amputate that arm. But I think about Ralston a few times per week.

26 Sep 2016

RotoViz Hacks: Using the Screener to Drill Down on RB Usage


One of the things that’s tough to do when watching football on Sunday is to keep track of the context of every player’s usage. For example, I was really interested to see that Wendell Smallwood got a lot of work for the Eagles yesterday. But I also know that the

dez bryant
22 Sep 2016

RotoViz Hacks: Defining the Display Variables in the RotoViz Screener


This post is long overdue, but I guess it’s better late than never. A few have asked for explanations of the variables found in the RotoViz Screener. The table below contains those definitions. Enjoy.

20 Sep 2016

RotoViz Hacks: Using the Screener to See Total Team Running Back Opportunity


I’m going to try to post more stuff about unique ways that you can use the apps on the site to increase your knowledge of what’s going on in the NFL each week, and while the title of this post would also make a great team name for a RotoViz

Photo via Football Schedule/Flickr
12 Sep 2016

Week 1 Overreactions: Dez Bryant Edition


If the only skill you had as a a fantasy player is knowing when to keep calm, and when to overreact, you’d probably win every year. Football is a high variance sport, so there are always times to buy low or sell high, it’s just that it’s hard to have perfect

09 Sep 2016

Week 1 Overreactions: Kelvin Benjamin Edition


This will be a quick post because there’s only a very small point to be made, but if for some reason you have any teams which haven’t drafted I think it’s fair to move Kelvin Benjamin up your board.

Dixon Header
01 Sep 2016

Target Addition – Kenneth Dixon


I’m going to try to update my targets as I make changes on my personal sheet. One player that I’m going to start looking for is Kenneth Dixon. I haven’t been on Dixon at all during the summer, mostly because it seems like people assumed he was just going

31 Aug 2016

Best Player Available is a Sham and You Should Beware Those Who Peddle It


“I mean say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.” – Walter Sobchak, The Big Lebowski Perhaps in response to the rising popularity of Zero RB as a strategy there’s been something of a recent backlash where some fantasy analysts have emerged

30 Aug 2016

Always Double Down on 14


Earlier today Teddy Bridgewater left Vikings practice with an apparently gruesome injury that will likely make him unavailable for the 2016 season. We really wish him the best in his return to play, so hopefully it’s not as serious as originally thought and he can make a full recovery.

26 Aug 2016

My Fantasy Draft Targets for 2016


In the past I’ve written separate pieces on a per position basis for this article. However, QB and TE end up being so sparse that I thought I could just combine all of the articles for this year. Below are the players that I am looking at in each round of the draft in