26 Jan 2013

Dynasty: Killer Stat App for College Receivers


*Michael Crabtree had a high TD rate as a college receiver and that promise is now showing.  If you’re like me, your fantasy football fanaticism spread through your being like a Mongolian horde until you became so obsessed with spotting breakout players that you had memorized Leonard Hankerson’s college stats. 

24 Jan 2013

What Have We Learned Thus Far?


*LT regularly compiled over 370 touches per season as a Charger and yet somehow avoided the dreaded Curse. The apps on this site should fall generally into two categories.  Some apps, like the Custom Similarity Scores tool will be aimed at giving you actionable fantasy intelligence.  But some apps, like

23 Jan 2013

Dez Bryant Similarity Scores


Using the Custom Similarity Score tool posted here, we can take a look at Dez Bryant similar players and how they fared in the season after they were similar to Bryant’s 2012 campaign.  Here’s Bryant’s 2012 season, followed by the list of comparable players: NAME SEAS AGE WEIGHT GMS TRGS RECS

23 Jan 2013

Custom Made Similarity Scores


Similarity based projections are probably the most powerful thing that I use to draft my fantasy team that most fantasy owners just don’t have at their fingertips.  Similarity based projections address shortfalls in other projection systems that might have a tough time accounting for variables that aren’t linear (age for

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