14 Feb 2013

Rap Battle: The Case Against Randall Cobb


Rap Battle will be a running series that originated out of emails that Money in the Banana Stand’s Shawn Siegele and Frank DuPont/The Fantasy Douche exchange from time to time where they share their thoughts on players.  It’s probably

13 Feb 2013

Geography as Destiny: Recruiting College Wide Receivers


Jon Moore’s article from earlier today, which discussed the lack of impact that Pac-12 wide receivers are having in the NFL, has had me thinking about possible explanations.  One reason that may seem obvious to you, but which wasn’t immediately obvious to me is that the Pac-12 suffers from both

13 Feb 2013

Keenan Allen and the Disappearing Pac-12 Wide Receiver (Part 1)


Let’s play a word association game. If I say ‘Peanut Butter,’ you say ______. If I say ‘Salt,’ you say _______. If I say ‘Pac 12 wide receivers,’ you say ______.

12 Feb 2013

Creating a Custom Similarity Score for C.J. Spiller


One of the great things you can do with the Similarity Score apps is that you can create custom adjustments with very little effort.  I primarily use Similarity Scores when

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