22 Feb 2013

DeAndre the Giant


The SEC is the best conference, right? If you can perform in the SEC, you can probably play in the NFL, right? But what can be said about a guy from the ACC

20 Feb 2013

Our Daily Hoops App Forecast LeBron’s Hairline to Recede 3 Inches… It’s that Good


If you’re the type of person who just rips open boxes, unwilling to read instructions, then you can check out the app at this dedicated page.  But if you’re the type of person who proceeds with caution, then I have some thoughts below on using the app.

19 Feb 2013

Was Eric Decker’s Breakout Inevitable?


Entering 2012, his third season in the NFL, Eric Decker was a nice receiver who showed promise as a complement to Demaryius Thomas. In his first two seasons he caught 50 balls for 718 yards and

19 Feb 2013

Rap Battle: Matthew Stafford (Part 1)


This is the first of a two part series where Shawn Siegele and Frank DuPont/The Fantasy Douche take turns looking at Matthew Stafford’s prospects going into 2013.

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