04 Mar 2013

Five NFL Draft Twitter Accounts You Need to Be Following


Each day this week we’re going to shine the spotlight on Twitter accounts that cover the NFL draft.  We’re very data oriented at RotoViz, but the cumulative observation of humans is its own datapoint, so I usually have a draft related Twitter list open in my Tweetdeck.  Here’s a link

04 Mar 2013

Your Daily Hoops Cheatcodes* (3-4-13)


*Not actually cheatcodes.

03 Mar 2013

Your Daily Hoops Cheatcodes* (3-3-13)


This is going to be a post for all you daily fantasy basketball junkies. Daily hoops can be extremely exhausting due to the massive day-to-day swings in player usage and match

02 Mar 2013

It’s All Ball Bearings Nowadays, or It’s All Small Sample Sizes


The post below is a re-post of an article originally written on in 2012. I’m starting to feel about sample sizes the way that Fletch felt about ball bearings.  If you haven’t seen the movie I don’t think I’m spoiling the plot at all by saying that he thought

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