23 Jan 2013

Custom Made Similarity Scores


Similarity based projections are probably the most powerful thing that I use to draft my fantasy team that most fantasy owners just don’t have at their fingertips.  Similarity based projections address shortfalls in other projection systems that might have a tough time accounting for variables that aren’t linear (age for

18 Jan 2013

The Curse of the 370? or 350? or Nevermind…


The Curse of the 370 is, I think, an idea which says that running backs that accumulate 370 or more carries in one season will underperform in the following season.  Some part of that idea fits under the “Duh. Of course.” category, as running backs who accumulate a lot of

16 Jan 2013

Crystal Ball: Does the last half of the season matter the most?


One of the things that becomes common to hear when fantasy football season is rolling around is a claim that sounds like this: “Player X had more fantasy points over the last half of the season than any other player at his position.”

05 Jan 2013

Introducing rotoViz


rotoViz gives you the visual tools you need to dominate your fantasy football leagues.