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Limit the Onesie Positions in DRAFT Best Ball Leagues

In the second installment of the DRAFT NFL Best Ball Roster Construction Guide, Michael Dubner finds a structural advantage using the 2-QB, 2-TE draft strategy. In my previous article, we found the one instance where the 3-QB, 3-TE Roster construction may provide a structural edge in DRAFT Best Ball leagues. Now that we’ve explored the roster construction that dedicates six spots to the onesie positions, we’ll now explore the opposite end of the spectrum, and see if we gain an edge by only dedicating four roster spots to the onesie positions with 2-QBs and 2-TEs. RotoViz legend Shawn Siegele has recently looked at BestBall10s roster construction, and found that selecting your QBs in the QB window and using a 2-TE approach has provided a healthy return on investment. Here we will determine if we can apply Siegele’s BestBall10 findings to DRAFT, as well as combine the QB and TE roster constructions together, rather than look at them individually, to see if we can supercharge the structural advantage. In this second installment of the DRAFT NFL Best Ball Roster Construction Guide, we will determine if the 2-QB, 2-TE roster construction provides a structural advantage.
  1. If drafting a third QB, he should also be drafted in Rounds 8-12 as well.  (back)

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By Michael Dubner | @Michael_Dubner | Archive