Tyrell Williams to the Oakland Raiders

At one stage, Tyrell Williams looked like the shining jewel in the crown of the 2019 crop of free agent wide receivers. Finally, it seemed that The Gazelle would emerge from the shadow of Keenan Allen and become the leading light in a different WR room, and hopefully become the star that many1 truly believed he could be. A few of the teams thought to be likely suitors for Williams, namely the Bills and the Eagles, went in different directions as free agency began. The Bills, after being rebuffed by Antonio Brown, signed John Brown to stretch the field for Josh Allen. The Eagles traded for DeSean Jackson to give their offense a vertical element sadly lacking in 2018. The Browns were rumored to be interested, but they instead re-upped Bershad Perriman before picking the New York Giants pocket and securing the services of Odell Beckham. The landing spots were suddenly in short supply for Williams. But then, it was announced that Williams did have a new team. And for fans of Williams, and especially his legion of truthers, it could hardly have been a more uninspiring one.
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By Neil Dutton | @ndutton13 | Archive