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TE-Premium Roster Construction: Where to Draft Winning TEs

Whether you’re new to the TE-premium format, or a grizzled veteran of hundreds of FFPC best ball leagues, knowing how to attack the tight end position is crucial. Where did last year’s winning FFPC best ball teams draft their TEs? Can you get by with just two studs? Is there an advantage to loading up at the position? We now have the tools here at RotoViz to answer those questions. Mike Beers has brought us his suite of best ball tools where you can now use the Roster Construction Explorer to optimize your roster builds and the ADP and Exposure tool to track your player equity. I’ll be using Mike’s tools to break down the roster constructions we want to target and the ones we need to avoid. FFPC drafts are unique not just because of the TE-premium scoring, but also because they go much deeper than traditional formats, allowing for more flexibility in roster construction. More flexibility makes for more interesting drafts, but it also means there are a lot more strategic decisions you need to make. I can confidently say after doing a large volume of shallow-roster best ball teams last year, I could have made half those picks while huffing paint fumes. Looking back at some of my picks, maybe I did. But my point is that you can’t get by in FFPC leagues just drafting on autopilot, so let’s dig in and see where the edges are.

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